Saturday, April 25, 2015


Pic credit Watsons Malaysia.

Marvel's Avengers : Age of Ultron, the next hype movie after the Fast & Furious 7. Thanks to Watsons Malaysia, I was invited to the special screening of the blockbuster movie on a lovely evening in a glittering event at GSC Pavillion KL. Guests comprised of Watsons Celebrity friends, suppliers, business partners members of the media and Watson VIP members. 

Pic credit Watsons Malaysia.

Pic credit Watsons Malaysia

In its latest endeavour, The Watsons Heroic campaign, which hit all Watsons stores nationwide starting 23 April 2015 until 20 May 2015, promised all its customers and loyal Watsons VIP Card members many fantastic offers and money can't buy experiences. For a limited time, shoppers get to meet the Marvel's Avengers characters in selected Watsons stores nationwide and also take pictures with the 3D art floor stickers and hashtag #watsonsheroic to win great merchandise. Customers can check out all the exciting activities organised by Watsons at Watsons has also launched the Limited Edition Watsons VIP Card with Marvel's Avengers stickers that fans can personalise, at RM20 for new sign up or upgrade at Watsons' stores or Online Store. 

Left, Hansen Lee the host of the star-studded event. Right, Kit Mah one of the personalities present at the event.

Hey, Iron Man!

Pic credit Watsons Malaysia.

On top of that, Watsons is giving away 4 pairs of HEROIC TRIPS which was featured in the blockbuster movie to Seoul, West Hollywood, Italian Alps and New York City when customers sign up or upgrade to the limited edition Watsons VIP Cards, or when you shop RM80 at Watsons inclusive of 1 Listerine item. Contest is organised in partnership with Johnson and Johnson. A truly money can't buy experiences as these are superb locations where the movie was shot, and the winner can even attend the world-famous Comic Con in New York, which tickets have been sold out months ago! 

Sincerely thanks Watsons Malaysia for the invitation. #OOTN

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