Sunday, April 19, 2015

IsMe Beauty & Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Hey ladies! Beauty & Cafe concept is pretty common in Korea. So glad that finally, this concept available in Malaysia too. Recently, I was invited to the latest outlet of IsMe Beauty & Cafe at Empire Shopping Gallery. IsMe Beauty & Cafe is the first beauty café in Malaysia that focuses on beauty and health on the surface and within the soul. 

At IsMe Beauty & Cafe, not only you could shop for Cuscos Korean skincare products, you can satisfy your palate with tasty healthier option foods that promise to inspire you to appreciate life comfort and improve quality of life. Cuscos incorporates Swarovski Zirconia carat diamond ingredient into it's skincare with core philosophy to pamper yourself because you deserve it. 😁

You are assured of healthier eating here because of low calories, fat & sugar. Free of processed food and preservative, using only natural ingredients imported from Australia (using cold-cut meat) All foods are freshly prepared daily on premise with pure and authentic flavours which are an excellent source of the fibre, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

They have the gorgeous Karena Teo as spokesperson.

Very classy and comfy ambiance prefect for a tea time like a "tai tai".
Front entrance of IsMe Beauty & Cafe

Lite & Crisp Fish Burger RM25.90
Black bun, crispy fish fillet, mayo, wasabi mayo, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber

Cheesy Chicken RM28.90
Wholemeal loaf, premium chicken salami ham, mayo, sesame dressing, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, mozzarella cheese

IsMe Superfruits Croissant RM23.90
IsMe croissant, kiwi, strawberries, avocado, mango, lettuce, cream, mascarpone 

Heart Booster RM18.90
Spaghetti served with Australia imported high quality turkey & cubed avocados.

Farmer's Alternative RM18.90
Spaghetti served with yellow capsicum & Australia imported cold cut lamb leg.

Red Velvet cake RM13.90

Black & White mousse RM15.90

Tri-flavour macaroon RM5.90

We are lucky to be given a chance to try out playing barista of the day. 

Despite my lousy mocha coffee art, this cup of mocha turn out to be the tastiest
mocha for me! Hehehe.... Thanks a lot to IsMe Beauty & Cafe for the opportunity!

IsMe Signature RM13
So adorable rite?

Cuscos skincares range 

I've tried out some of Cuscos products too!
I love the facial wash which cleanses without feeling dry or tight. Best seller, firming mask also amazed me as it definitely helps in lifting.

We aren't only going home with a satisfied tummy, but with Cuscos skincares for the beautiful us. 😍
My verdict : Healthier food option, especially suits the ladies. All fried foods are air fried here so you could indulge guilt free. Mouth watering in house made cakes and decent coffee, perfect for tea time! Price slight on the high side, but you are paying for the quality after all. 

Foods : 8/10
Ambiance : 8/10
Price : 7/10

 1st Year Anniversary Celebration Promo

·         Buy 1 Free 1 on our IsMe Signature Coffee

·         RM1 @ Second Set Lunch

·         Buy 1 Free 1 on any CUSCOS skincare product

·         All promo end 31st May 2015

Lunch promo set.

IsMe Beauty & Cafe Outlets available at :

·         Bintang Fairlane        
·         NU Sentral Mall        
·         Empire Shopping Gallery     
IsMe Beauty & Cafe
Your Beauty & Well-Being 
Our Passion & Priority


  1. gosh never know got such awesome cafe! must pay a visit soon!

    x Nicole Yie


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