Saturday, April 25, 2015


Go vegan if you can! Yeah.... totally respect vegetarian as it's definitely not easy. And so sorry to say I don't see myself going vegetarian. Anyways, once a while, it's still ok to go vegan. 

Everyone knew "Being a vegetarian is to be healthy” Unfortunately, some vegetarian foods in the market contain MSG, GMO ingredients, preservatives, pesticides, and most of them are prepared with high temperature deep frying. When we consume such vegetarian dishes, we also consume all the hazardous elements. So how would it be possible for us to eat healthily as intended? Choose Be Lohas!

LOHAS stands for “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” which means living a lifestyle that is healthy and environmentally friendly. The term has been cleverly translated to “Le Huo” in Chinese which means living happily. 

Be Lohas uphold their initial commitment to promote genuine healthy vegetarian cuisine thru :

Healthy Ingredient
• 70% organic vegetables, organic & natural ingredients, grape seed oil/ olive oil/ rice bran oil, sea salt/ rock salt to prepare foods.

Five "No"s 
No MSG added, No GMO, No artificial colouring, No chemical preservative, No microwave cooking

Four Low's Three High's
Low salt, sugar, oil and calories.
   High energy, fiber and nutrients.

Purple Clay Cookware
Unique purple clay cookware releases infrared when heated, breaking down the fats in food thus helps to lower cholesterol absorption by the body. Mineral released can raise the alkaline content of food in cooking, while iron helps in blood building.

I love the cute wallpaper decoration, so joyful and relaxing.

Complimentary ginger tea and spirulina are served once you placed order.
I love the hot and strong ginger taste tea. 

Lady's Finger with Sesame Sauce RM15.90
This is really appetizing as the sesame sauce complement the lady finger well. 

Soya Milk Curry Laksa RM18.90
Must try!!! Taste just as good as the usual coconut laden curry laksa. Soya milk really does the trick well! 

Soy Milk Curry Claypot RM21.90
For rice lovers, this set come with brown rice and the curry taste just as good! Quite a huge serving too!

Fish Vermicelli Soup RM 19.90
A tad sourish, but since its apple cider vinegar added just think of its goodness and you may just find it appetizing. 

Five Colours Hakka Lei Cha RM21.90
Really pretty and healthy dish.

"Lui Cha" has the strong mint aftertaste. 

After your meal, don't forget to shop at BMS Organic for all your organic needs. 
They have assorted noodles, rice, sauces, beverages and household cleaning too.

Let's start your healthy meal at Be Lohas! What are you waiting for?

My verdict : They have extensive menu, I'm looking forward to a revisit soon. IMO, you will never go wrong with curry dishes. Must order Soya Milk Curry Laksa and Lady Finger's Sesame Sauce. Vegetarian foods can be tasty too! 

Price : 7/10
Ambiance : 7/10
Foods : 7/10

Be Lohas
Bandar Utama 
LG310, Lower Ground Floor, New Wing, 
One Utama Shopping Centre, 
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Petaling Jaya, 47800, Malaysia

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