Thursday, April 23, 2015


With more than 30 years of experience in slimming and beauty industry, Mayfair Bodyline is one of the leading slimming, facial and spa center. Designed as one-stop beauty center, their services come with advance technologies and operated by a team of professionally-trained consultants and therapists. Not only facials and body slimming treatments, a series of body pampering treatments are available too with satisfying result for you to flaunt. Earlier in the month, I got the chance to try out slimming and facial session with the esteemed Mayfair Bodyline.
I had consultations with the beauty therapist on which part of the body I’m concerned of, which are my lower belly fat and dehydrated skin.


The treatment room is spacious and comfy. 



Wow… For every session of Slim Master treatment equals to liposuction of 125mgFat! 

 Slim Master works by intense ultra-sound in the fatty layer, creating micro-bubble that generated and hits the surface of fat cells, triggering the implosion and the emulsification of fat cells, which were absorbed by the lymphatic system and drainage system, thus eliminated from the body. It can also stimulate the body to increase secretion of LPL enzyme, which will decompose the fatty acids into energy. With lymph circulation, it will improve blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and also stimulates the growth of the cell, stimulate metabolism.

Slim Master works by the breakdown of fats and followed by suction. 

Ionic static uses high-frequency oscillation aimed to activate cell, adjust the autonomic nerves, purify the blood and balance the body acid-base. In addition, it also helps to balance the body potential in order to improve endocrine disorders, tissue and organ system dysfunction. Fat cell are dissolved, strengthen histiocytes, promote metabolism, and remove the waste and toxin in the tissue of the body. Dredge the channels and collaterals, prompt lymph circumfluence and blood circulation. 

Metabolism stimulator with five functions at the same time: 

1)Dissolve fat 
2)Tighten skin 
3)Firm muscles 
4)Reduce edema 
5)Balance physical energy



Just by standing on it for 10 min equals to 1 hour of strengthening exercise. How easy it is! 

Vibe Kinetic Therapy (Full Body) 

Vibration effect of VKT is like thousands of small rolling massage with far-infrared that helps to burn fat. The calorie consumption is much faster and more efficient compared to normal exercise. For only 10 minutes of time, VKT can consume 500 calories, equivalent to one to two hours of the exercise. Therefore, it helps to speed up weight loss program.

CLA Chili Slimming(Full Body) 

CLA is the essence extracted from chili pepper seeds. The active element in capsicum essence can be effective and rapidly stimulate the decomposition and excretion of the body fat. There’s a slight hot sensation, but there’s no discomfort or such. 

HEAT Circulation (Full Body) 

Heat blanket which the heat may relieve muscle; improve blood circulation in addition to reduce fluid retention. I really sweat buckets in here!

Before – Obvious lower belly fat 
After - OMG…. It’s all flat now! *happy* 

With Power Detoxification, it will firm and tighten, muscle & skin too.

Yay….. Now I can wear my crop top with confidence! :p 


I’m in for a powerful toning, moisturizing, anti-oxidant treatment to awaken my skin, spirit and senses. 

MayFair Bodyline treats my dark eye circle with Intensive Eye treatment for a tighter and smoother skin around the eye, lifts the eyebrow and local tissues, helping to reduce the under eye "Bags". 

Not forgetting Intensive Neck Therapy to reduce moisture loss, minimize fine lines and wrinkles. I have a very relaxing Tension Release Treatment. The beauty therapist applies moderate pressure with energy essential oil to improve the blood circulation and physical health improvement. It also helps rebalance and increase mental relaxation clarity. IST Detoxification helps restore the skin’s natural lipid film and regenerate its barrier function. 

This is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses electrodes to stimulate the dermal layer to produce more collagen to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! 
It will help with lightening & brightening, minimizing the pores, skin metabolism is stimulated and cell renewal is activated hydra infusion.


My face is more firm and lifted. I notice my face brighten up and glow from within.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the treatments and services provided by MayFair Bodyline. 


Mayfair Bodyline’s April Promotion – Mayfair’s 30th Promotion – 3 treatments from the below list only for RM30!


Thanks to Mayfair Bodyline, 10 lucky readers will be treated with customized treatment! Please comment under the post stating why you deserve to receive a customized treatment. Hurry, comment before 10th May to win! 


  1. Hi Elana, I would like to have trial ^^

  2. Hi Elana, I deserve to receive a customized treatment because I am a bride to be. I hope to become the best looking bride and startle all the audience on my big day! Thank you very much! =)

  3. I deserve to receive a customized treatment because I always want to slim down my leg and I hope that Mayfair can help to solve my problem through this free trail!

  4. I want to receive the customized treatment because :

    1) I want to have flat tummy too - so I can wear nice clothing ^_^
    2) Need do to some firming on my skin before it's too late

  5. I deserve to receive the customized treatement because I wanted to have skinny arms, tummy and thighs as well. I really hate these 3 parts of my whole body as I couldn't wear crop top and bodycon dresses. I hope Mayfair will solve these problem for me through this free trial <3

    is it capable to do in Penang? As I am Penang blogger, my dear <3
    Thank you my dear Elana :)

  6. I must love myself so I can take care of my baby, my mom, my husband and myself. Start with small steps and all will be fine. Eyes, neck and collagen will be the first areas of concern for a SAHM like myself. Thanks for your support.

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