Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lobbee Thai Connection @ Empire Damansara (Pork Free)

It's my first time to the Lobbee Thai Connection at Empire Damansara. Locating this restaurant is not easy, as you'll need to find the staircase to LG. But if you're lucky, you'll find a guy holding the yellow Lobbee lobster signboard hanging around and he'll be more than happy to guide you to the restaurant. 

Look at the colourful and interesting combination of drinks. 

Iced Butterfly Pea Milk RM9.00

                                                           Red Lemon Soda RM 8.00

                                            Iced Butterfly Pea Lime Juice RM 9.00
Love this! Made from au naturale, butterfly pea flower tint. Add in lime juice and it will turn to beautiful purple colour.             

Iced Thai Tea with Grass Jelly RM8.00

                                                         Lobbee Iced Tea RM9.00

Mango Salad with Salmon Head RM10.00
This is not on the menu and only available upon request. If you are in luck, you might get to taste the refreshing, crunchy and sourish mango with deep-fried salmon head. 

Chicken Skewers RM9.00
Tender, lean meat grilled to perfection, just tasty. Sorry, I couldn't comment much on the sauce as I forgot to try it! 

Thai Squid Cake RM12.00
Instead of the usual fish cake, try something different like squid cake at Lobbee. It's light and addictive.

Thai Crab Cake RM13.00
I find this rather chewy in texture and lack in taste. 

Lobbee Combo RM98.00 (Serves up to 3 - 4 person)
The star dish at Lobbee is this seafood tom yum noodle. An abundance of seafood heaven like lobster, crab, salmon, squid, mussels and soft-boiled eggs.

You may choose your preferred noodles such as Thai instant noodles, kuey teow, flat noodles or vermicelli. Fresh seafoods with flavourful, spicy and tangy Tom Yam soup is definitely the perfect combination. Ohhh... soup are refillable upon request too. But you may want to go easy on that as I find myself having thirsty after effect.

DESSERTS!!! Instead of the usual red ruby, it's blue ruby!
Blue Ruby with Coconut Ice-Cream vs Blue Ruby with Jackfruit.

Nooooo.... I am not having this large bowl of noodle all by myself. :p
All in all, Lobbee served Thai foods with a twist. Heads up for their creativity like squid cake, blue ruby and the assorted beverages creation. On a side note, Lobbee Combo is definitely #instaworthy!

Lobbee Thai Connection
Empire Damansara, 
Damansara Perdana, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Business Hours : Tue-Sun, 11am-3pm, 5.30pm-10pm. 

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