Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ten Years Restaurant - A Treasure Trove For Foodies

Last month, I was invited to the launch of the Ten Years Restaurant in Sri Petaling. Ten Years Restaurant offers the nation's most famous fares with all the best of Malaysian cuisine served under one roof. 

You no longer have to drove all the way to Penang for the best Char Koey Teow or even flew to Sabah for the Nasi Kuning Tawau. Ten Years Restaurant welcomes diners of all ages to savour the nation's most famous fares.

With dining areas for different eras, Ten Years concept is in line with 'through the ages' theme, with inspired settings that seamlessly meld cultures and history.

Ten Years Restaurant established by seven passionated friends who came together to establish an avenue to house the best Malaysian cuisine with a mix of cultures including Malay, Peranakan, Chinese and Indian specialities with the vision of preserving Malaysian food recipes for the future generation. With a unique business concept, Ten Years cater to the needs of franchises recipe owners. Working hand in hand, Ten Years offers strong marketing, branding and operation infrastructure, partnering with hawkers or restaurant owners owning signature Malaysian recipes to safeguard their recipes.

Among the speciality unique Malaysian dishes served at Ten Years includes Nancy Nyonya Laksa from Melaka, T&T Prawn Mee and Tiger Char Koey Teow from Pulau Pinang and Nasi Dagang Kak Pah from Terengganu.  Ten Years own specialities, called FUSION are inspired by traditional dishes from all over Malaysia, likes Lamb Masak Merah with 3 Colour Rice based off Johor style merah, Grilled Chicken Percik Sauce is a twist from Kelantan's popular dish, priced start from RM12.90.

Nasi Kuning Tawau origin from Sabah.
Tastefully created by her mother, Kak Tun takes pride in selling her mother's speciality Nasi Kuning. The secret recipe has to be the reason it's sold out by 7am daily. 

Wow... That early? Well, this yellow rice paired with mixed chilli paste and savoury grated coconut indeed never let me down. The whole chicken leg is tender and flavourful too.

Ten Years ultimate plans is to open 40 outlets in Malaysia by 2017 and aspires to expand overseas with branches across all ASEAN Countries as well as targeting to establish 200 outlets in China by 2020. All the best! 

Ten Years Restaurant
No 1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours : 
Mon - Sun
11:30 am
11:00 pm

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