Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tasty and Affordable Meals by Shogun2U Deliver To Your Doorstep

When you are hungry, who's you going to call? Shogun2U, of course! First world problem faced by many, what to eat? In fact, couples could get into argument due to conflict on what to eat. Tell me all about it. Hahaha.....

Anyway, problem is solved now with Shogun2U. Lunch or dinner, no more headache as tasty and affordable chef-prepared meal by Shogun2U will be brought to your doorstep. You could even pre-booked meals in advance technically to save the day. The best of both worlds, high quality dishes with fresh ingredients enjoyed at a household budgets.

With it's online food platform, ordering tasty and affordable meals is made easy with just a click of a button. Thanks to Facebook, the famous social media, Shogun2U has recorded an astonishing sales of RM1 million in just three months. Wow wow wow.......

Do you know the team of culinary experts behind Shogun2U has exceptional experiences in the food industry and received recognitions recognising their cooking proficiency. Nothing is impossible! "Can Do" the Malaysian spirit is what driven Shogun2U with the right attitude.

Shogun2U served a mixed of fusion Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes. Not forgetting constant innovation on the menu like Nasi Lemak (Japanese style) a favourite among its customers, priced at RM18.90 has steamed Japanese rice served with spicy anchovy onion sambal served with deep fried boneless chicken (tori karate) and garnished with hard boiled egg, Japanese cucumber and takuan (Japanese pickles) on the side. 

Assorted sushi.

Mouth-watering bento set.

The newest addition, the wholesome and nutritious Nyutori meals price range from as low as RM1.80 up to RM99.80 comes in a combo set suited for the whole family. 

A selection of desserts and beverages are also available to complete the meal. Don't forget to key in current promo codes to enjoy attractive discounts.

Also available, Signature Korean dish like Vege Bibimbap suitable for vegetarians served with warm Calrose rice topped with seasoned vegetables mixed with JangGun's special chilli pepper paste, with a choice of egg yolk or cherry tomatoes, all for only RM16.90.

To celebrate their RM1 million sales in three months, Shogun2U will be releasing a limited edition sushi set only available to the first 500 customers. OMG... so adorable and instaworthy. Hurry and hop over now!

Ordering numbers :  

018-288 0111
018-288 3111
018-288 4111
018-288 5111

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