Tuesday, November 8, 2016

G Shock Watch Style

Hey, are you an avid watch collector or wearer? I'm pretty sure you are no stranger to the G-Shock watch! But did you know, the G-Shock watch was born to fruition by the developer's dream of a "watch that never breaks"? After years of developing the technology, the G-Shock was finally launched and definitely lives up to its name. Some of the G-Shock watch key features include a non-stop solar powered battery, self-adjusting time zone timekeeping, triple sensor technology for measuring direction, pressure and temperature plus the Triple-G Resist which is the core of every G-Shock watch structure. Now, are you excited to find out more? Just read on as I share more of its amazing features. 

In case you're worried, if it's too bulky or won't look good, fret not. The G-Shock watch comes in styles for both men and women to rock as wrist candy. There’s nothing better to wear for a hike trail activity, diving exploration or even for a run in the city than the G-Shock watch. The designs give off a no-nonsense vibe while still maintaining a touch of style with its various colours, from classical black to bright red, there’s a G-Shock watch for every person and personality.

If the tough G-Shock is not your style, why not get it in a minimalistic white, just like the one Skylar Grey wore in her music video Coming Up For Air! The G-Shock women’s collection include the S Series and Baby-G, both very much in trend and stylish even for the most feminine ladies. Here’s the thing, a G-Shock watch is the best if you’re looking for adventurous days ahead or sporty heavy duty workout sessions plus it’s even cooler to style for a casual day out with your friends. So why not give the G-Shock watch a try? I'm so gonna grab one myself! XOXO

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