Monday, November 21, 2016

The Best of You 2016 with Julie's Biscuits @ Aeon Bandaraya Melaka

This year, 'The Best Of You 2016' was held at Aeon, Bandaraya Melaka has become bigger and bolder with more amazing and inspiring stories.  All these stories share a powerful theme, which is - putting people first. To be more specific, it's about time for us to stop and ponder, overcomes the common and often cruel stereotypes of various marginalised communities. In today's fast moving world, we Malaysians need to come together united and harmonious. And putting people first is an essential working principle towards a more inclusive society. Hence, don't forget to appreciate people foremost for their, or rather, our shared humanity. Appreciation is for everyone and knows no boundaries. Let us all appreciate everyone, by putting people first. 

One of my favourite inspirational stories, 96 years young Ah Gong still does his squat without fail every morning. If Ah Gong can do it, what's your excuse? Lol *applause for Ah Gong*

Celebrity Chui Ling motivational sharing on how she steps out of her comfort zone and settle down in a foreign country to be a such huge success. I don't think I ever have the courage to do that. Hmm....

The movement also collected many inspirational stories and sharing from the public.

Awesome performance by Dickson Chai, who sings out the typical life of being a worker. 

We were also paired up for a fun activity, 'To judge/Being judge". Not knowing each other, we are required to guess the other party personalities by answering a series of question based on our first impression. It was definitely an interesting way getting to know someone new.

Group pic with fellow bloggers, influencers and Sai Tzy Horng, Brand Consultant of Perfect Food Manufacturing(wearing pink). Kindly log on to for more inspiring stories. 


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