Thursday, December 1, 2016

Recharge and Reenergize with Taurus Energy @ Laser Battle

I am loving this energetic and fun photo of everyone, even after we went through 3 rounds of exciting laser battle games at Laser Battle, Berjaya Times Square, the other day. Yes! We are still full of so much energy and stamina despite the exciting and adrenaline rushing game. Want to know our secret weapon?

Ta daa.... It's Taurus Energy!!!

Taurus Energy is not your typical soft drink with caffeine! It is the new age energy drink, a lifestyle product suitable to drink everyday for men or women. The carbonated beverage was specially developed to provide a quick source of mental energy, fit for everyone. With our current fast-paced life, energy drink is what we need for a quick energy boost and maximum stamina. It tastes great, not too sweet, flavourful without nasty aftertaste, definitely an enjoyable beverage pick. I love it!

Did you know each can of Taurus Energy contains the best combination of ingredients to provide sustained energy deliverance? The best part is, the benefit of the particular blend of ingredients is released slowly over a longer period of time, creating a sustainable energy lift. Thus, it does not give you a short lift or sudden 'crash' compare to other energy drink. Taurus Energy is a stimulating non-alcoholic beverage and it is certified HALAL by Malaysia Jakim.

Wootz wootz.... meet my awesome team mates. We had a can of Taurus Energy #CreativeEnergy before battle it out for the 2nd round.

After 3 rounds of tough fight, we bagged Silver! We might not win the battle, but it was so much fun.

Our crazy and fun night then ended with a pizza feasting and more Taurus Energy drink.

Thanks for having me, Taurus Energy. I have #TaurusED ! What about you?  XOXO

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