Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Official Launch of Dmel Perfume

A new local brand perfume, Dmel perfume was officially launched at Swiss Garden Hotel, recently. The brand was the brainchild of Sanie Abdul Rahman, an aspiring woman who determined to change her life and the future of her two sons. With little capital from her own savings, she garnered the courage to apply the modules she taught as a trainer. She made a daring decision to stop working despite the uncertain economic scenario as she believe it was time for her to change.

"Having business is hard work. I have to be smart and creative to market my products and use all kind of marketing medium to ensure Dmel Perfume reach its potential consumers. As a businessperson, I have to find new customers and meet them face to face. No more just focusing on in-store customers. Other than the network of stockists and distributors, Dmel Perfume can also be purchase online through our IG, Facebook, Whatsapp, website, Lazada and 11Street" said Sanie.

Despite the fragrance industry being competitive with many brands in the local market, Sanie have faith that her brand would excel with the right strategy and marketing plan. She is convinced that Dmel Perfume will be well received by users from all over the country and has high hope that the brand can go up to international level.

Currently, Dmel Perfume has six types of perfume namely :

Men Perfume by Dmel Rahman  
RrB (40ml) RM64.90
CHASE (30ml) RM54.90
TRUST (30ml) RM54.90

Women Perfume by Dmel Rahman
SCENTS (40ml) RM64.90
SHINE (30ml) RM54.90
LOVELY (30ml) RM54.90

All Dmel Perfume are made of natural ingredients with long lasting scent and halal certified. It is your perfect confidence-boosting perfume!

For those interested to become partner or reseller, please visit

Facebook :
Instagram : @dmel_perfume
Whatsapp : 0192761575 / 0129075382


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