Saturday, February 11, 2017

C88 Premier Jewellery and Swarovski Gemstones Co-Branding Collaboration

A few weeks ago, I had the honoured to witness the signing ceremony of a co-branding collaboration between HWL Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd and Swarovski Gemstones held at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur. HWL Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd was established since 1985 carry the brand C88 and now has over 600 jewellery retail shops across Malaysia.

Mr Low Soon Tian;Director of HWL Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd shake hands with Mr Kurt Zbinden;Vice President of Swarovski Gemstones.

From sourcing of raw materials, designing, manufacturing and wholesale of the gold and silver jewelleries, HWL Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd exercises strict quality control to ensure the highest quality products are produced. The company also promises exceptional after sales services to their retail partners, hence the privilege can be transferred to the end users.

Swarovski Gemstones was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, a Bohemian jeweller with the vision of making crystal accessible to more people. The brand assured each and every one of the unique Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones are crafted from the finest raw materials and strict manufacturing standards, cut and polish exclusively, guaranteeing outstanding results in shape, colour and brilliance, and meeting the topmost social and environmental standards.

HWL is also well known for their diamond-standard quality stone setting craftmanship which is commonly found in premium jewelleries, especially diamond jewelleries due to the complexity and long hours of works involved.  Each and every prongs (the 'teeths' that are holding the stones in place) are carefully crafted to feature a smooth and polished surface compared to the standard quality techniques which will leave scars and marks leading to rough and dull surface. Not to mention, the gaps between each and every stone must be identical and the placement of the prongs features parallel and symmetry dimensions. 

The Fancy Diamond Colours radiate with the quality, fascination and sheer beauty of coloured diamonds comes in an extensive selection of sizes and a variety of colours to choose from such as Fancy Blue, Fancy Brown, Fancy Green, Fancy Purple, Fancy Champagne and many more.

Precisely crafted for maximum radiance plus the exact symmetry and proportions, Swarovski Pure Brilliance Cuts will bring out the best of Zirconia. Swarovski offers a collection of five Fancy Diamond Cuts - Square Princess, Marquise Diamond, Pear Diamond, Oval Diamond and Baguette Princess with each stone precision-cut to meet the highest standards set by the diamond industry.

I had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of the collection. Here are my top favourites : 

Princess Athena Crown Ring
Adorned with both sparkling Swarovski Marquise and Round Pure Brilliance Zirconia, coupled with decorative detailing, this ring is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one who deserves to feel like royalty every day.

Single Halo Cross Path Ring
The first time two lovers met, crossing path signify their destiny. Uniting at the centre as symbolized by the Swarovski Pure Brilliance Zirconia of two separate lives uniting become one and living a happily ever after life together.

Elegant Crown Ring
This elegant crown ring features a row of 1.60mm Swarovski Pure Brilliance Zirconia that forms a band as base, plus a group of swirling lines to form a crown shape face that houses a 2.20 Swarovski Pure Brilliance Zirconia at its heart and a total of five accent Zirconias around it for sure will sweeps you off your feet.

Single Halo Teardrop Ring
Shower her with endless happiness and assure her that you will never make her shed a tear of unhappiness. Surrounding the precious teardrop of hers with the best Zirconia accent stones money can buy, protecting the teardrop just like how you protect her.

The collaboration is a recipe for perfection with the outstanding craftsmanship from C88 premier's internal processing plant coupled with the amazing gemstones from Swarovski Gemstones. HWL Jewellery will continue to improve and innovate its product offerings, bringing quality and everlasting jewellery pieces to the market living up to C88 Premier's tagline "Eternal Sparkles".

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