Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kose Lip Gel Magic (Review)

Hey, babes! Are you tired of leaving lipstick stains everywhere? Glass, cup or even your other half collar. :p Or after a long day, your perfectly-applied lipstick starts to wear off. It's so annoying, right! Thankfully, I was introduced to Kose Lip Gel Magic that makes any lipstick transfer proof and stays magically. Kose Lip Gel Magic is here to save the day! Trust me, it is the most powerful lipstick coating gel. With only one single swipe, this maximum-strength lipstick top coat gel protects the lip colour from fading, even after drinking or eating. It is also semi-opaque, fragrance-free and best part is, it's works wtih any of your lipstick to make it last longer.


Step 1 : Apply your usual lipstick to your lips.

Do note that, Kose Lip Gel Magic works best with Kose lipsticks. Other formulas such as liquid rouge may not produce the best results. 

Step 2 : Give the Kose Lip Gel Magic a good shake with the cap on and ensure the gel within turns semi-transparent after shaking. Press a small amount, about the size of a grain of rice onto the fingertip.

Step 3 : Apply Kose Lip Gel Magic evenly over the lipstick, including the corners and inside of the lips too.

The unique Colour Migration Prevention Ingredient (flourine coating powder) produces a gel film over the surface of the lips to throughly coat the lipstick whilst preventing it from migrating onto other surfaces. The Super Lasting Ingredient latches onto the lipstick colour and holds it in place, preventing it from smudging. Also, the moisturizing ingredients like Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid helps keep the pout kissably-soft too.

My verdict : Thanks to Kose Lip Gel Magic, a perfectly-defined pout all day long is possible now. No more awkward moment of staining glass or cup with my super red lipstick mark.  Not to mention, it also keeps my lips well moisturized. This is literally every girl must have!

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