Saturday, February 4, 2017

Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother

Do you like to take selfies? I bet you do! TBH, selfies are pretty time consuming. The amount of click to get that perfect selfie and layer of filter application to achieve that flawless complexion. Let's face it! Shine and visible pores do make us feel self-conscious and thank god we have apps to improve them instantly for our picture. But don't you think it will so much better if we could look as good in real life compare to the picture?

We had the privilige of being invited to Shiseido Chinese New Year luncheon and was also introduced to Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother. What if you could have a filter in real life and have photogenic skin, as if it were filtered by a smart-phone beauty app? Thanks to Shiseido Ibuki, you'll never have a selfie regret again. Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother is a serum that instantly creates photo-ready skin, specially designed to address the worries and skin concerns of busy millennials.

The light, velvety skin-blurring solution acts as a smart filter for beautifully photogenic skin, absorbing excess sebum instantly for poreless skin with its unique photogenic skin technology to achieve the perfect and smooth skin. The serum base contains Oil-Targeting Micro Powder, a unique sebum absorption powder that imperceptibly collects excessive sebum and helps to prevent T-zone shine. The powder works effectively on contact with oil and dissipating it without overly mattifying the face. It also contains botanical ingredients, Bergenia Ciliata Root Extract heralded for centuries for its benefit in Ayurvedic and Tibetan folklore as well as in Buddhism. The extract helps to fight the cause of acne and other skin concerns. Other than that, the PhytoTarget Complex (the common key complex of Ibuki) supplements the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor and intracellular lipids, which are vital for maintaining a healthy barrier function. The Marjoram Extract derived from a multipurpose aromatic herb helps combat dehydration while the glycylglycine minimizes visible pores.

How to use :
  • Use as the last step of your skincare routine or over your base makeup. 
  • Smooth a small amount (one pearl-sized drop per use) onto the fingertip and lightly pat it over areas of shine and pore concern (T-zone) until well blended. 
The oil-controlling effect will last up to 8 hours and it can be worn alone or over makeup. The small packaging shaped to easily slip into a pocket or makeup purse, allowing you to use it anytime, anywhere while looking smart with just an ultra quick twist cap that opens with one touch. 

Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother has a light texture, cover shine instantly and uneven contours, thus skin look perfect, as if makeup has been applied. Perfection in the photo is at your fingertips!

Please allow me to end the post with our scrumptious food photo.

Thank you Shiseido for having me. It was a great pleasure for me to attend this event. Happy Chinese New Year to the team.

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