Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hot Love for Jonlivia Hotpant S5+ (Review)

Tights aren't pants? Not anymore!
Jonlivia Hotpants engineered for performance and style, thus you can look, feel and perform at your best wearing them. Did you know Jonlivia Hotpants S5+ is the 1st hotpants in Malaysia that uses Airy Fabric, a comfortable and stretchy material? The pants made of 100% genuine Neoprene increase our body heat when exercising or performing daily chores helps to burn more calories and excessive water retention in the body.

From a pair of sneakers and a bomber jacket, anything goes when styling with Jonlivia hot pant.
They're thick and cover everything nicely, the best part is that it is super comfortable to wear all day.

The stretchable hotpant fit well and accentuates my curves, yet it allows me to move and stretch with ease. I wear it for my run, HIIT and gym/weight training, they feel warm and got me sweat buckets in a short period of time. Yay... more sweat with less effort! I also love the Jonlivia Hotpants S5+ high rise design which helps to keep the stomach flat. :p
Do you notice the jersey panel on the inner of the pants? This is another unique feature of Jonlivia S5+ made for comfort and hygiene.


The new design also features a handy back zippered pocket to hold cash, keys, credit cards safe and secure with easy access.  
Besides the hotpant, I also tried out Jonlivia Unisex Phiro Back Support.

Are you constantly sitting in front of a computer screen for a long period of time? Is poor posture straining your back and neck? The Phiro Back Supporter helps to place the body in the correct position. Literally, the supporter will pull back the shoulders, straighten neck and align the spine for a better body posture.

Personally, the supporter fit me well, though it can get a little warm wearing it the whole day. With regular wear, it will help to improve our body posture over time. 
Perform your best without compromising on style with Jonlivia. Order yours today!

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