Saturday, November 3, 2018

Boost Your Mood with Anchor Food Professionals Icy-Cool Beverages

Hey... what's your mood today? Happy? Sad? Or angry? Do you agree that your mood can influence the food you choose to consume, and vice versa? For instance, when I'm feeling down, I will crave for chocolate or anything sweet for a quick pick-me-up. Having said that, Anchor Food Professionals has officially launched six new mouth-watering  #Moodmojee dairy beverages to boost your mood whilst showcasing the amazing possibilities of dairy in beverages.

In line with global trend, creative non-alcoholic beverages such as Asian-inspired cheese teas are catching on in all the major culinary. The versatile dairy coupled with local ingredients not only offer great taste, texture and appearance, but add a creative touch to the beverages. Master of innovations, the dairy foodservice leader from New Zealand is consistently exciting its customers by sharing new ideas to help their a partners improve and grow in their business. 

Anchor Food Professionals will be partnering with fifteen food & beverage customers in both Peninsular and East Malaysia for the Moodmojee campaign, where these creamy creations will be introduced in phases nationwide starting from November 2018 until January 2019. Designed as mood boosters, the range of beverages brings unexpected pairings aimed to delight taste buds. This year’s range promises pairings of zesty, sweet, savoury and salty flavours with creamy and smooth textures. Think of yuzu, pomegranate, mint, chocolate as some of the ingredients that will be paired and brought to life using the natural and fresh goodness of Anchor’s dairy.

Chef Ken with his unique take on cheese teas creation called Pom & Grey Twist.

Chef Firuz's Kaya-Nika Fusion is bound to be a Malaysian favourite with its layers of sweet flavours and creamy goodness.

Chef Ichiro brings us a bold interesting pairing in his Yuzu Chocolate Surprise.

The six delicious dairy thirst-quenchers brings unexpected pairings aimed to delight taste buds of Malaysians.

Layers of sweet and creamy with traditional 'kaya', 'a Melaka', 'pulut' and red beans, the Malaysian favourite, Kayanika Fusion was whimsy and decadent.

For all the chocolate lovers, the unlikely pairing of Yuzu and chocolate set to tingle your taste buds. Served in a salt lemon cooling candy rimmed glass, the tangy Yuzu puree tempers the rich chocolate in the Yuzu Chocolate Surprise.

A flavoured cheese tea, Pom & Grey Twist is a refreshing concoction of Earl Grey tea mixed with pomegranate syrup and topped with a generous layer of chocolate cream. 
If you prefer something with a zing, the ice blended Lemon Mint Meringue topped with fresh meringue and slices of candied lemon and orange is rich in flavour, a feast to the eyes and to the mouth.
Tangy Brew perfectly highlights the rich cold brew coffee and the delicate tangy freshness of orange followed by a layer of satisfying mixture of cream and cheese foam.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the White Chocoffee which stands tall and proud like a shake with a crown of whipped cream. This sure-winner is a dreamy blend of white coffee mixed generously with delicious chocolate and peanut butter. 

These highly Instagrammable Mood Boosters beverages will be available in Choon Guan Coffee Shop and Gafe Kafe in Selangor. Other locations throughout Peninsular Malaysia include Love Tea F&B, Living Room (Johor), Cofeology Café & Restaurant (Malacca), Overstepped (Kedah), La Taste (Kedah & Penang), Lavish Fusion Bakery, HIVE by Love A Loaf (Penang), Family Confectionary and Baker’s Hut (Perak). In East Malaysia, you can sip and enjoy these beverages in Delight Factory, Chub’s Grill, Chiu’s Café, and Lucky Bean in Sabah.

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