Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Discover the Exotic Taste of Jeju @ Jasons Food Hall

Anyeong! From now until 15 November, drop by Jasons Food Hall at Bangsar Shopping Centre to experience a selection of gourmet food, groceries, as well as face masks, that are specially brought in from Jeju Island in South Korea. Once deemed a barren island that was formed during the volcanic eruption periods on earth, Jeju is now part of the new seven wonders of nature, allowing the cultivation of endemic and rare species of plants and many species of food crops. With the advantages of its geographical location, it is no wonder that some of the best crops, such as different types of tangerines, kiwis, grapes, other fruits and vegetables, are available exclusively from South Korea’s largest province, Jeju.

From left to right : Mr. Hur Beob Ryul (Director of Jeju Special Self, Governing Province), Mr. Pierre-Olivier Deplanck (Managing Director of GCH Retail Malaysia), Mr. Hur Chang Ok (Vice President of Jeju Special Self, Governing Provincial Council), Dato Kwon Beang Hu (Chairman of World Overseas Korean Trade Association) and Im Hyun Jin (CEO of Freshis Co. Ltd) during ribbon-cutting ceremony


In addition to the variety of fresh produce that is available in the outlet, Jasons Food Hall will also be stocking up their aisles with groceries as well as face masks from Jeju. The availability of these items will provide consumers with more choices and enhance their shopping experience while reaping the benefits of volcanic clay.

Don't forget to drop by Jasons Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre from now until 15th November to sample the fresh produce from Jeju, which include fresh fruits, fresh fruit juice smoothie, Omija Sampling, Kimchi Sampling, Korean Ginseng Chicken and Soju with Tangerine. On top of that, customers who purchased more than RM100 worth of Jeju products can participate in a lucky draw spin and stand a chance to win a 2-way flight ticket to Jeju. Selected goods, produce and food items from Jeju Island will be stocked at Jasons Food Hall from then on, depending on seasonal availability.

So, come on down to Jasons Food Hall to discover the taste of Jeju! For more information, please visit, http://www.jasonsfoodhall.com.my/.

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