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Here are 12 of the Most Popular Wedding Flowers Ever for 2019 | Little Flower Hut

A wedding is not complete without fresh flowers. In fact, flowers are one of the things that stand out among the elements in a wedding. They are not just there to decorate the room, but also to provide fragrance, elegance, colors, and cheerful ambiance. When it comes to wedding flowers, the florist has a wide range of choices from the large varieties and types of flowers available. There are seasonal flowers, imported flowers, and exotic flowers to choose from. For your 2019 wedding, here are the 12 most popular wedding flowers:

1.       Peony
Peony is a perfect summer wedding flower. It is a type of flower with beautiful lush and fragrance, thus ideal to incorporate and use as wedding element. The huge blossoming petals of peonies are delicate but look so romantic. It can stand alone in a bouquet but can also look great when paired with other types of flowers such as Carnations and Roses. You can find Peonies in pink, white, red, yellow colors and in shades of coral and mahogany.

2    2.       Hydrangea
Hydrangeas are so pretty and they look just as perfect for weddings when they are in full bloom. They look beautiful for the bridal bouquet and wedding bouquets and a few blooms will make a lovely table centerpiece for the reception. In colors of blue, white, and pale pink, this flower exudes elegance and femininity.

3    3.       Carnation
Carnation was once used only as a filler flower. But with their beautiful frilly petals and the wide range of colors available, it becomes one of the popular choices for wedding flowers. Carnations bloom throughout the year, too, making them always present in many flower shops. Whether you want a summer wedding or wedding in spring or winter, you will find this flower very versatile.

4    4.       Rose
Rose is not limited to white, red, and pink colors only when it comes to weddings. Some florists also have more colors and variations available to suit the needs and to match the wedding theme and motif. Aside from variant colors, Roses also come in different types and sizes as well. No matter the season, the flowers of Roses can be incorporated or used as the main element of the event.

5    5.       Gardenia
Gardenia is a type of flower that looks beautiful even without the stem. The charm and elegance of this flower makes it a perfect element for summer wedding. The white blooms of Gardenia can be used on the bouquet or can be added to the wedding decoration. It looks amazing while floating with candles in the pool or in a bowl for table centerpiece. It also looks perfect when used for the boutonnieres.

6    6.       Ranunculus
If you are in a tight budget for the wedding flowers, you will love the budget-friendly and cost-effective flowers of Ranunculus as a perfect alternative to other expensive flowers like Roses and Peonies. This flower blooms richly during spring, summer, and fall seasons. You will find them in various colors and shades like pink, orange, red, and white.

7   7.       Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley is a popular choice for wedding bouquet flowers because of its bell-shape florets and because of its fresh perfume scent. This flower is available mostly in springtime, but can also be found all throughout the year at a great price. Although it is known popularly only in white color, this flower is also available in rosy pink color.

8    8.       Anemone
Anemone is a lovely winter flower that can be used as wedding element. Its white petals and bold black center provide a very dramatic statement on a wedding event. This unique and beautiful flower works great for non-traditional weddings.

9    9.       Tulips
One of the most chosen wedding flowers is the flower of Tulips. Tulips look wonderful on any wedding event. The unique oblong-shaped petals and the varieties of colors available make it a perfect choice for the bridal bouquet and wedding element no matter what the motif is. They look perfect when matched with the white bridal gown.

1   10.   Orchid
Exotic and timeless, this flower is very meaningful. Aside from its stunning blooms, using Orchids on weddings adds mysterious refinement to the event. For non-traditional weddings like beach weddings or tropical-style wedding, you will find a large selection of Orchids to match the style and theme you want for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

1    11.   Gerbera
If you want a cheerful and colorful wedding theme, the flowers of Gerbera is a wonderful choice. They will surely brighten up the wedding venue and the reception, just as how they make accentuate the wedding gown. You will find Gerberas in various colors like pink, orange, yellow, and white. They also have different forms like single bloom, double or duplex bloom, crested double bloom, and full crested double bloom.

1    12.   Baby’s Breath
For a long time, the flowers of Baby’s Breath were used in all wedding events but as filler. In today’s generation, they are no longer just a filler flower, but the main wedding element. Baby’s Breath comes in wide variety of colors aside from white, and they are inexpensive, too. You can use them as bridal bouquet, wedding flower arrangement for the ceremony and reception, and as accessories. This flower is a popular choice for any weddings at any season because of its versatility, availability, and affordability.

These are the flowers that will make your wedding 2019 more stunning and one-of-a-kind. No matter what style or theme you plan to have for your wedding this year, you can find the perfect choice from these popular wedding flowers.

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