Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Shuddup N Dance 2019 Makes Its Final Stop @ Klang Parade

One of the nation's longest running street dance competition, the much anticipated 'Shuddup N Dance' is back in action for the sixth time this year. In just a couple of weeks, the popular street dance competition will be making its final stop for the year at Klang Parade.
Alan Thoo, Head of Marketing & Promotions for Klang Parade said "The competition has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The challenges we face vary each year as well, so we try to keep up by maintaining a good rapport with different dance communities that we've been fortunate enough to work with, who ultimately keep us abreast of developments and trends that are impacting dancers in the country."

Part of this can be seen in the competition's ever-changing roster of categories which are never set in stone aside from a handful of staples such as the Junior Crew Showcase, 1-on-1 Open Style Battle and Street Dance Crew Showcase. The changes are necessary to adapt to the fast-evolving needs of participating dancers, many of whom are eager to test and explore moves against opponents they wouldn't be able to meet under normal circumstances. Shuddup N Dance has thus become the perfect platform for dancers to learn, share and ultimately benefit from each other's collective experience.

One of the biggest highlights of the Grand Finals at Klang Parade each year are the international participants who return every year, primarily from the Philippines, where the competition has grown to become a rite of passage for many aspiring dancers there. From the gravity-defying backflips to the jaw-dropping costumes, the international participants set to add colour and excitement to an already vibrant competition while setting the bar high for local dancers.

As implied in the names, winners in the Junior Crew Showcase and Street Dance Crew Showcase during the qualifiers will proceed to compete in the International Grand Finals. The programme for the qualifiers and International Grand Finals are as follows :


Saturday 17 August
4:00pm Junior Crew Showcase (Champion RM1000, 1st runner-up RM500, 2nd runner-up RM250)

Sunday 18 August
2:00pm 3-on-3 Open Style Battle (Champion RM1000, 1st runner-up RM500)
4:00pm Street Dance Crew Showcase (Champion RM2000, 1st runner-up RM1000, 2nd runner-up RM500)

International Grand Finals

Saturday 24 August
1:00pm Junior Crew Showcase (Champion RM2000, 1st runner-up RM1000, 2nd runner-up RM500)
3:00pm 1-on-1 Locking Battle (Champion RM1000, 1st runner-up RM500)
5:00pm PBJ Mega Crew Showcase (Champion RM1000, 1st runner-up RM500)

Sunday 25 August
2:00pm 1-on-1 Open Style Battle (Champion RM1000, 1st runner-up RM500)
4:00pm 1-on-1 Krump Battle (Champion RM1000, 1st runner-up RM500)
6:00pm Street Dance Crew Showcase (Champion RM5000, 1st runner-up RM2000, 2nd runner-up RM1000)

For more information on the competition, please visit Klang Parade's Facebook page.

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  1. I love breakdance and I've done it during my high school days. Now I'm not flexible to do it anymore. Haha! Can't wait for Shuddup N Dance! :D