Saturday, April 30, 2022

Download the Marrybrown App for Viral Deals


Hey! What are you planning to eat today? 
How about Hotouch Burger Combo for only RM10? Yes, you heard me right! 
Marrybrown has rolled out Marrybrown app offering many amazing deals with up to 40% off. Just download the app and register, you too can enjoy the Marrybrown's viral deals.

Redeeming the deals are super fast and easy!
Step 1 : Scroll through the deals and click on the deal you are interested in.

Step 2 : Click 'Redeem' on your selected deals.

Step 3 : Claim the deals redeemed under 'My Reward'.

Step 4 : Tap the selected deals and flash the QR code at participating Marrybrown outlets to redeem your meals.

Here's what I have redeemed! Can't wait to dig in.
The Hotouch Burger Combo comes with french fries (R) and a drink. 

Flavourful, tender and juicy chicken thigh served on a toasted sesame seeds bun with fresh lettuce and mayo. Oh so yummy!

Hurry! Download the Marrybrown app on the App Store or Google Play for free and register now to enjoy the viral amazing Marrybrown deals. On top of that, the Marrybrown app also offer benefits such as: 
  • Collect points and redeem freebies
  • Exclusive in-app deals
  • Birthday treats
  • Latest promotional deals
  • Contactless ordering
For more information on the Marrybrown app, please visit


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  2. I always love to eat their original recipe, no matter how many new recipe they introduced. HAHA