Friday, April 22, 2022

My Covid-19 Story

Hi all! While I always portrays a cheerful, positive vibes, life isn't always rainbow and sunshine. They say it's only a matter of time, everyone will get it eventually. True enough, on 21 April 2022, I have tested positive for Covid-19. It started with a runny nose and quickly leads to sore throat, but no fever (luckily). So the first question most people asked once they found out was, where do I get it from? Honestly, I have no idea! But the only time I am not wearing a mask was during my hike at Rawang Bypass over the weekend (16 April Sat)  so I guess the possibility of getting Covid-19 is higher there? Being a fitness enthusiast and working out regularly, I thought I have a strong immune system and may take it for granted. Anyway, here's the timeline of my personal experiences with Covid-19.

17 April 2022 Sunday
I'm not feeling well and have a runny nose. Head over to the pharmacy and got myself Ho Yan Hor to beat the flu. I rarely fall sick so going to the doctor is my last resort! (never in a million years did I thought it could be Covid)

18 April 2022 Monday
The symptoms started to kick in. My flu got worse and throat feels really bad. I reluctantly took the flu med. Even attempted a light workout, hoping to feel better.

19 April 2022
Early morning, did my self-test using UD-Bio test kit (useless test kit) and the results was negative. Oh boy, I was so glad and went about with my activities for that day. 
Initially, it was just one line.

Another faint line shows up later. 

20 April 2022 Wednesday
Still feeling unwell, in fact I think I'm getting worse. Did another self-test, this time using All Test test kit. Initially, it was one line but after half an hour, I spotted another faint line. Ohh nooo! I was so worried and head over straight to the clinic for PCR. Got it done at Alam Medic Clinic for RM170, it takes 24 hours to get the results. Oh man.... the longest 24 hours ever. :( 
P/S : Did another self-test using the UD-Bio Kit and the results still negative. 

21 April 2022 Thursday
Received the lab results the next day.  As expected, I was tested positive. There are traces of Covid were detected in my specimen though I have no idea if it's Covid-19 or other variants like Omicron or etc. I was feeling depressed and fear, before I knew it, tears came rolling down my cheek. Done with my emo breakdown, I updated my health status on MYSejahtera app and required to be isolated at home for 5 days. Alright! On the positive side, I can take this opportunity to rest and recharge!

22 April 2022 Friday
Once the MYSejahtera status turns to red, we are required to update our symptoms and health conditions daily for KKM to monitor our health status during the quarantine period. As early as 8am, KKM will be sending notification on the app and followed by sms. If you still do not update by 9am, you'll even received an automated call reminder. During time like these, oximeter has becomes a necessity as we need to update our SPO2 readings daily. 

To aid my recovery from Covid-19, I've been drinking plenty of water, say 8-10 litres and also took lemon water to boost my immune system. My diet during self-quarantine was simple food such as stir fried vege, wholemeal bread with peanut butter or tuna mayo and cream crackers. It is also important to remain physically active, so I try to stay active as much as I can with simple stretching exercises.

I will update this post again and keep you guys posted on my situation! Thinking back, there were actually many times that I may have caught the virus with all the events I've attended, perhaps I can consider myself lucky to dodge it until now? In the meantime, take care and stay safe everyone! 


23 April 2022 Saturday

Woke up feeling so much better today. Decided to do a self-test and oh boy I was so glad that it's negative! Even after more than an hour, still just ONE line. Oh yes! As usual, updated my health status on MYSejahtera and received a new notification from them that my case has turned into Confirmed Case-Warning! And they actually wanted me to go to the nearest CAC. Hmm... I have no idea what went wrong but I won't be going! 


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