Sunday, February 15, 2015


Hey, my beloved readers! It's lovey dovey month of the year. Yet what do I end up with in the month of FEBRUARY? Thanks to Tommy invitation I've joined the "Ang Pow Challenge" by Galactic Laser. Yes, it's those shooting games which at first I'm reluctant to join. 

Frankly, the most violent game ever I've played would be the PS Street Fighter. Never like shooting games and I'm so pissed off with those addicted to Counter Strike. Hahaha.... Anyway, I thought it's a good chance to try it out so why not give it a go.

Galactic Laser established in June 2010 is actually the pioneer in introducing the latest generation of laser tag game technology to Malaysia. Bringing in new concept of entertainment, incorporating the latest in laser and electronic gaming technology, complemented by contemporary team building activities, corporate and family parties as well providing food and beverages within the premises.

All the participant of Ang Pow Challenge.

Laser tag is a team or individual sport where players attempt to score points by engaging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. 

Briefing session first.

Individual team.... Let's fight against each other.

Hello... Please make way for Lara Coft Tomb Raider! Hahaha....

Me and Ivy ready to shoot them down.

The actual transmitting element of almost all laser tag gear is an infra-red Light Emitting Diode similar to those used in household remote controls. 

Go go go.... Green team!

Yay! We won.... Despite me scoring badly. LOL

Laser tag is similar to paintball, airsoft and other simulation-shooting or targeting sports, but diverges in its reliance on a computerized control system. The computer system provides score tracking as well as enforcing some rules of engagement – such as an enforced period when a player is unable to shoot after being hit by another player, or discounting all friendly fire. 

Congrats to the winner of Ang Pow Challenge.

Go try it out if you yet to, totally good experience of adrenaline rush.  

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