Friday, February 13, 2015


Lucky Malaysian that more brand is being introduced into our country. Watson's Malaysia is proud to bring in the all-new revolutionary Derma skincare, Skin Advanced skincare range that caters to sensitive skin users recently at the plush Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa.

From left : Dr Lim Ting Song(Dermatologist) Caryn Loh(General Manager-Trading Watsons Malaysia) Sarah Lian(Celebrity) Hansen Lee(Celebrity) Danny Hoh(Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia)

From left : Dr Lim Ting Song(Dermatologist) Sarah Lian(Celebrity) 
Danny Hoh(Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia) Penny Chin(Senior Product Development Manager Watsons Malaysia) Hansen Lee(Celebrity) Milcah Boon(Skin Advanced Specialist)

Developed by cosmetics experts Dr. Tadahiro Shimada from Japan, using the "6+ 6-" Skin Advanced process to counterbalance the effects of today's busy cosmopolitan men and women, providing protection even for the most delicate skin. 

Sarah Lian & Hansen Lee with their favourite product of Skin Advanced.

The "6+ 6-" adds 6 vital skin-friendly natural ingredients while subtracting 6 common artificial additives and preservatives, making it the optimal solution for sensitive skin. Skin Advanced products are infused with 6+ 6- that improves skin's hydration level and rejuvenates skin elasticity, fights against environmental damage and enhance the skin's antioxidant properties. 


-Platinum Nano Particles 
Boost Skin Hydration 

-Alpine Glacier Water 
Soothe & Rejuvenate skin elasticity 

-Yuzu Ceramide 
Repairing & fight environmental damage 

Enhance Skin antioxidant's properties 

For Softer & Supple skin 

-Hyaluronic Acid 
Replenish & lock in Moisture 

6- Free from 

-Chemical preservative
-UV absorbers 
-Mineral oil 

Cleansing Milk, Facial Lotion, Jelly Toner, Spring Spray & Sleeping Mask

The complete product range includes : 

1) Cleansing Milk 150ml RM49.90 
2) Jelly Toner 150ml RM69.00 
3) Facial Lotion 45ml RM89.00 
4) Sleeping Mask 80g RM89.00 
5) Spring Spray 150ml RM49.00 

We had our skin analysis before facial treatment and I find out my skin is sensitive type too! 

Pampering facial treatment using Skin Advanced full range products at Sembunyi Spa.

There's even make up session after our facial treatment.

Looking pretty courtesy of the MUA.

My fellow bloggers friends...

Gotta selfie with fitness junkie Hansen Lee. 😍

Ending this with my #ootd at the beautiful corridor of Sembunyi Spa.

The Skin Advanced range of products are available at selected Watsons stores now.