Thursday, February 5, 2015


Okonomi at Solaris Dutamas is Malaysia 1st 'custom sushi' restaurant. Such a kawaii name, don't you agree? OKONOMI literally means "to one's liking" Yeah... We can create our own customized sushi with over 80 types of ingredients according to our preferences.

So what's your pick?

You can opt for up to 5 fillings. There's even brown rice and soy wrap other than usual white rice and seaweed. This is definitely good news for those on diet or healthy eaters.

Worth mentioning are their sauces & dressings are homemade.

Matcha latte RM12.90 
Azuki Float RM12.90
With just the right sweetness, this is pretty addictive. Even their ice cream is made from scratch too!

Executive Chef Alex Lau hard at work.

The Health Nut RM15.90 
Urumaki, soy wrap, brown rice, salmon, japanese cucumber, crispy coral lettuce, green onion, sesame sauce
This is pretty much balance in taste. Light and tasty.

The Seafood Supreme RM26.90
Urumaki, seaweed wrap, white rice, soft shell crab, Hokkaido crab meat, salmon, cucumber, cereal, yukke sauce
A tad salty to my liking, however this plate of sushi is really pretty and generous of seafood filling.

Crab Korokke RM9.90
Gently breaded crab meat deep fried with  poached butter and cream sauce.
IMO, this is a little too mushy. The crab meat taste is strong though.

Finally.......... Ta dah............
My customized sushi. It may not look pretty but it taste marvelous ok!!! 😍

Brown rice with soy wrap, fillings includes avocado, wakame, salmon, Hokkaido crab meat & mixed mushroom. Served with homemade citrus salad dressing for a kick. Healthier version of sushi and taste so good! I named it "Fit sushi" RM19.90
Do try out my combination if you there, ok! 

Matcha Lava Cake RM16.90
Be prepared to wait at least 15min as this is baked fresh upon order. 
Generous matcha filling oozing out pipping hot, however it's overly sweet for me. Still, it looks pretty presentable!
Fortune Yee Sang is available too for this festive season. Do try it out!
RM38 for 2-3 person
RM68 for 5-8 person 

Let me end this with my #ootd at the front entrance of Okonomi.

My verdict 
Foods : 9/10
Price : 8/10
Ambiance : 8/10

Facebook :

Solaris Dutamas, 
Kuala Lumpur. 
Business hours 10am - 11pm


  1. Look nice babe!gonna try itπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  2. matcha lava cake look delicious and tempting to try!

  3. I'm not use to any of these foods but I now know that OKONOMI is first maylasia custom sushi resturant.

  4. The seafood supreme is calling me!!!!!!
    Man! I love a good sushi roll. Yumz~
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Excellent review! Must go place having lowest score of 8/10. Great place to dine! Just learned about Lava cake. haha looks interesting.

  6. I recently went to a place which specialised in sushi wraps (which means Large size sushi) and the taste was pretty unforgettable! This looks pretty good too!

  7. Azuki Float and Crab Korokke look delicious! I like your Outfit when eating out at the restaurant. Nice car btw ^_^

  8. This place looks very appetizing! All the food looks incredible... and I'm dying to try the Matcha Latte! I wish they had something like this in my city...

  9. I always wanted to create my own sushi roll with lots of salmon and avocado. By the way, the Seafood Supreme roll look good.

  10. 'To one's liking' just a perfect name for a place that serves delicious dishes. I'm drooling right now just looking at those photos.

  11. Love the foods! Looks really yummy. By the way, is that car behind you , yours? Cool!

  12. It looks like the place to be for sushi. They really have a lot of variations here.

  13. I think I will enjoy a store like this when it comes here to our city. By the way, I know what is matcha, but what is azuka?

  14. I like sushi.. I have only tried it a couple of times as I was very reluctant about eating raw fish but I was surprised when I finally had it and liked the taste. This place you mention sounds like a haven for sushi lovers!

  15. The green tea lava cake looks interesting. I hope they adjust the sweetness.

  16. Wow 80 different types of sushi according to our own preferences? That sounds so tempting, I would like to visit that cozy place and try one such dish!

  17. I've heard so much about matcha and its benefits. We drink the tea but thus places offers so many treats with it. Yum.

  18. well i don't eat these type of food but it looks delicious, especially the green one.

  19. More flavorful food here, it's really delicious the seafood sushi. What more if I eat 3 plates of those? I imagine my stomach...ha..ha..

  20. Although I am not a sushi fan, this post looks tempting., Even the ice cream looks amazing. =p