Monday, July 4, 2016

Eat & Play @ ss15 Courtyard, Subang Jaya

Hello.... Greetings from ss15 Courtyard!(formerly known as First Avenue) Where? Ohhh... it's the latest lifestyle-focused and contemporary shopping mall located in the heart of  SS15 neighbourhood offering premier shopping, dining and entertainment outlets such as Naj & Belle, Yoshinoya, Rakuzen, Naughty Nuri's, Bodytone Studio, Funtopia, Glitters, Pet Lovers Centre and many more.  A couple of weeks ago, I was here with my friends for a Sunday workout and 'makan' outing.

We had our brunch at Naj & Belle, a chic and stylish cafe located on the Ground Floor. Inspired by the travels of Najib and Annabelle themselves, the cafe offer a variety of pastas, sandwiches, salads and mains to choose from, not to mention, an all day brunch menu. They even served their own special blend of coffee from the Cauca region of Columbia and from the rainforests and volcanic fertile soils of the Gayo Highlands in Central Aceh. Expect a soft hazelnut and plum aroma, with a medium balanced apricot acidity and notes of soft milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Now, check out the awesome dishes we tried!

Dukkah Spiced Grilled Chicken Rm28.50
Roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, Portobello mushroom, walnuts, crispy onion, feta cheese with balsamic honey dressing.

Sally & Chives RM25.50
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, chives and tobiko caviar served with buttery toasted brioche.

The Naj Breakfast RM25.50
Sunny side eggs with beef bacon, Spanish-style new potatoes, wilted spinach and crispy onions.

The Belle Breakfast RM28.50
Poached eggs with sumac-rubbed pan-fried crisp Atlantic salmon steak, chickpea cakes, roasted cherry tomatoes, chilli labneh, pickled onion and pita bread. This is brilliant!

French Kisses RM25.00
Beautiful pan filled with buttery brioche with salted caramel, candied nuts, fresh strawberries and served with Ferraro ice cream.

Squid Ink Spaghetti RM26.50
Al dente pasta served with fresh calamari, Tobiko caviar and sun-dried tomatoes.

Tiger Prawn Spaghetti RM26.50
Equally good, the pasta tossed with extra virgin olive oil, baby spinach, garlic, lemon crumbs and a hint of chilli was simple but utterly delicious.

Moroccan Eggs RM26.50
Baked eggs with Dukkah chicken sausages, chickpeas, crumbled feta cheese and Napoli sauce served with brioche bread.

 Chocolate Fudge

 Watermelon Cake

All the cakes were amazing too, especially Watermelon Cake. Must try!

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After a hearty brunch, it's time to sweat it out. Lol
We then headed to Bodytone studio located on the First Floor. Do you know Bodytone Studio was the first Power Plate training center in Malaysia? As the leader in vibration training, Bodytone offers a new and exciting way to be strong, fit and flexible, suitable for people of all ages and fitness level.

At Bodytone Studio, basically we performed circuit training on a vibrating power plate which made it much more challenging. Even for someone who trained pretty often! Due to the vibration, the move will be much more challenging, thus you'll achieve greater results in less time, perfect for those who have a busy schedule or limited time to exercise.

Meet my workout buddies. Yay....Great training with you guys under the awesome guidance of Power Plate certified trainers.

Kindly log on to for more information.

Fans of Yoshinoya Hanamaru's Japanese udon and donburi, now you could satisfy your craving here as the fast food chain has opened its latest outlet in ss15 Courtyard.

A variety of snacks for appetizer and we also sampled most of the udon and some rice bowl selection.

Ontama Bukkake RM8.80 (R)

Beef Udon RM12.80 (R)

Salad Udon RM12.80

Spicy Miso Udon RM12.80 (R)

Beef Bowl 

Otama Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

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We then ended our day at Funtopia for some climbing fun. But instead of climbing up the wall and getting to the top, we are challenged to different types of games, activities and things that stress our imagination. All the activities are suitable for children as well as adults. Kids could climb a Giraffe, Castle, or Dinosaur, climb up a tower and jump off of it, or race with each other on speed climbing and climb elements such as “disappearing holds” truly a different type of exciting mental activities.

Funtopia runs in hour sessions where staff members work with the kids clipping them to an auto belaying system that allow the kids to climb without an additional parent or another climber guidance on their safety. The auto belays will help the kids to climb on their own, but they are also under with direct supervision of the staff members.

Wootz.... It's my first time trying indoor climbing and boy it was so challenging and so much fun. I feel like a child again!

Must try! The Slide.
Feel the gravity and the thrill of freefall with The Slide. The motor handle will pull you upwards and once you let go of the handle, you'll experience slide like never before. However, once is good enough for me! I had the fright of my life. Lol

Jungle Ropes challenges.

Don't miss out the Jungle Ropes challenge! Test your fear of heights as you cross the balance beam, command net, the trolley and other challenges.

Wow.... Look who I spotted at Funtopia! Our former Malaysia badminton player Wong Choong Han was here with his children too. For more information on Funtopia, kindly log on

It was indeed a fun-filled Sunday spent at ss15 Subang Courtyard. And there's so much more to explore here, hence I'll be back soon. Discover your latest destination for shopping, eating and relaxation right here at ss15 Courtyard, Subang Jaya. Better yet, discover yourself here!

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