Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+ For A Better Health

Hi! Whether you are health-conscious or not, I sincerely hope that this post could motivate you to be a little more health-conscious. Do you know we Malaysians are in the midst of a chronic health crisis? Each year, a whopping 9.6 million people have high blood cholesterol level6.1 million having hypertension and 3.5 million Malaysians having diabetes and more than 100,000 people suffering from cancer each year. It is believed that more than half of those living with NCDs like diabetes and high cholesterol level were not even aware of their health problem
That being said, my dear fellow Malaysians, it's time for you to start taking care of your health by adapting a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly. Do you know that according to the Health Ministry survey, 94% of Malaysian adults do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetable daily? Fibre is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet and can help prevent heart disease, diabetes and also improve the digestive system. 

(From L-R) Ms. Cheryl Young, Corporate Brand Marketing Manager, Group Health & Beauty Private Label, The Dairy Farm Group, Mr Loh Yen Hon, Head of Health, Guardian Malaysia, Ms. Elyse Lee, Senior Regional Business Manager, Group Health & Beauty Private Label, The Dairy Farm Groupand Ms. Indra Balaratnam, Founder and Consultant Dietitian, The Food Expert Clinic at the launch of Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+.

In response to the worrying Malaysian health profile, Guardian has introduced the affordable, functional and convenient Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+ to help Malaysians to get the fibre they need for better health. The nutrition and fibre-rich combination of imported Swedish oat bran powder packed with more than 30% oat beta-glucan is trans-fat free, without colouring and suitable for vegetarians. Beta-glucan is a soluble fibre that helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and stabilise blood sugar levels. High blood cholesterol is one of the risk factors for heart disease and those with high blood cholesterol might not be aware of their high cholesterol level 

With the Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+, you'll have the benefits of beta-glucan from oats, chia seeds, barley and brown rice for your general well-being. It is extremely easy to prepare too. Just dissolves in luke-warm water for a fibre-rich drink with a pleasing roasted grain taste that helps to fill you up for longer. Each serving contains more than 30% oat beta-glucan. You also can use it in smoothies, beverages, as a topping for salads and yogurt, as a coating for fried and roasted meats and vegetables as well as a thickener in soup and porridge, without losing its nutritional value and ensuring better daily fibre intake. Wow... Amazing! Time to combat high cholesterol with Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+.

Ms Indra Balaratnam, Founder and Consultant Dietitian, The Food Expert Clinic demonstrates the quick and tasty 5 minutes Oats Meal using Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+.

One of my favourite recipe, healthy yet delicious Vanilla Banana Buzz with Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+.

Serves: 1, Calories: 339

375 ml (1 ½ cups) chilled low fat milk
¼ cup Greek yogurt (or plain unsweetened yogurt of your choice)
1 small banana
1 scoop Guardian multigrain powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.
Serve immediately.

Guardian also contributed RM 10,000 worth of Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+ to the members of NASAM as a contribution towards helping them in controlling high blood cholesterol levels. 

The National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) provides rehab services to stroke survivors and promote public awareness on stroke as a preventable disease. NASAM has more than 5,000 members with 600 of them coming for rehab therapy on a daily basis throughout all our nine centres

Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+ is available nationwide at all Guardian outlets and e-store at https://online.guardian.com.my. The recommended retail price of Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+ (500g) is RM 49.90.

From 23rd June to  27th July 2016, Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+ (500g) will be retailing at promo price of RM42.41 per tin . And also collect six plastic lids with ‘Guardian Nutrient Function’ stickers to redeem one free tin of Guardian Mixed Grains & Oats 30+ (500g)*

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until 28th September 2016.

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