Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Uncle Tetsu Kurimi Cheese Tart

Hey all! So the quest for the perfect melting cheese tart continues as last weekend I finally got my hands on Uncle Tetsu's Kurimi cheese tart. And it's definitely not a piece of cake to buy these tarts. Lol 

Uncle Tetsu Kurimi Cheese Tart is available in limited quantity on a first come first served basis. 
Do you know the tart will only go on sale for 2 sessions which is at 12 pm and 7pm? Wah.... I was like........ 
Anyway, the cheese tart is priced at RM4.50 per piece. (much cheaper than Tokyo Secret RM7.90) :p
Current promotion Buy 5 Free 1 

Wow.... all these beautiful tarts are ready for the oven.

These Kurimi Cheese tart baked to golden perfection looks pretty promising. In fact, IMO it looks better than Tokyo Secret. 

The crust was not crumbly crisp as Tokyo Secret though.

The cheese was a tad runny and lack of flavour too. Comparing to Tokyo Secret, Uncle Tetsu's version is much lighter and less creamy.  My verdict? Tokyo Secret wins hands down.

Uncle Tetsu 
Lower Ground Floor, High Street
1 Utama

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