Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Achieve Smooth Porcelain Skin with G9 White in Whipping Cream (Review)

Hey, lovelies! Ever dream of having fair, beautiful and flawless complexion like the Korean? Introducing the latest addition to our beauty regimen, G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream. We've been using this new Korean skincare for a week now and seriously loving it. Mind you, we don't love it solely on their cute packaging only. Lol

G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream (50g)
This an all in one cream packed with 9 whitening ingredients including glutathioneniacinamide and vitamin complex helps lighten skin imperfections, uneven skin tone and minimizes wrinkles.

Smooth, light and airy texture, the lightly scented whipping cream absorbs easily and moisturises the skin from within. 

Upon application, the cream turns into actual water-droplets, penetrate deep into the skin, keeping skin well hydrated for that smooth porcelain skin.

It is suitable for day & night use.

Morning : To even out or brighten the skin, use it on its own or as your make up base.

Night : Complete your skincare regimen with this all in one cream that delivers everything we women need such as whitening, anti-wrinkle and moisturiser.

Verdict : Instantly brightens the skin, leaving a healthy glow to the skin. The skin also feels supple and more refined. With regular usage, we believe our skin's tone and texture will be further enhanced. Highly recommended for those looking for an instant tone-up effect or SOS quick-fix!
No more dull skin with G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream! 

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