Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nessa Smart Hearing Aid (Review)

Hey, it's June now, just like that half the year gone! If you have been following, I just managed to get my mom fitted with Nessa hearing aid recently. I gotta admit, this is definitely one of my biggest accomplishment for this year. Lol The journey to get my mom fitted with hearing aid was a tough one. Boy, I'm so glad that she finally gave in. Though in the beginning, she still pretty much reluctant to wear it outside. Perhaps, this is because she worried people will laugh at her. But in actual fact, very few people would actually notice if she's wearing hearing aid unless she tell them.

Can you spot the tiny but powerful Nessa hearing aid?

Apparently, wearing it for the first time, my mom complained of itchy ears. I guess this is pretty normal, since the first use of hearing aid can be somewhat shocking, uncomfortable and require some time to get used to it. After all, many hearing-impaired people actually waited far too long before getting fitted with hearing aid.

It's been a month now my mom being fitted with Nessa hearing aid, I'm happy to share that she's more than willing to wear it now. We could communicate better too, as I don't need to repeat myself over and over again. I can safely say that my mom is happier and more confident to communicate with others now. Nessa smart hearing aids are also specially designed for TV. My mom could enjoy crystal clear stereo sound fed wirelessly from up to 7 meters away. She could even control the volume to her hearing aids independently to the TV while watching TV with us.

The only downside was certain noises may sound a tad too loud or feels unnatural every now and then. This is maybe due to the different environment or my mom still not used to it, but no worries, we could always request for Nessa's audiologist to come to our home to do fine tuning for us.

Wearing a hearing aid is a life long journey and I'm so glad my mom's journey with Nessa has been good thus far. Thank you for reading.


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