Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Davines Mask with Vibrachrom

Hmm.... people often ask, don't you worry of damaging your hair with the constant hair colouring routine? Apparently, it's been two years since I bleached my hair and changing hair colour so often. Frankly, due to my hectic schedule, I rarely do any hair treatment too. Well, the good news is, despite all the hair colouring, my hair still healthy and in good condition, thanks to the wonderful Davines hair products.  
Recently, Davines has unveiled MASK WITH VIBRACHROM, the brand latest revolution in the world of colour that promises permanent haircolour with extra shine and high conditioning effect for an outstanding duration.This is definitely a huge change to the traditional view colourof  with the introduction of an innovative 85 shade colour with custom graphics for every nuance. 

The new Vibrachrom system combines multi-beneficial ingredients from different worlds. Did you know each ingredient used actually enhances and enhanced from the others for an extraordinary colour result?

Extra Shine - The protein extract of Quinoa help increase the absorption of colour for longer periods of time and binds the pigments firmly to the hair structure. 

High Conditioning Effect - This conditioning agent which is rich in Omega 9 creates a lipid film and increases the external and internal refraction of the hair while at the same time protects and nourishes the hair. 

Outstanding Colour Durability - The phospholipid carrier from the textile world allows the high penetration of the pigment into the hair. An extraordinary conditioning effect and colour retention is achievable with the pigments penetration.
Incredible durability and brilliance, Davines set to bring out the best in the hair colour world with Mask with Vibrachrom. 

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