Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fun Things To Do In Gold Coast

Come for the run,
Stay for the fun! 

Hey! As promised, here's the continuation to my previous post for #GCAM17, the fun times we've had in Gold Coast! If you don't know yet, earlier this month, yours truly was honoured to be invited by AirAsiaX and Tourism & Events Queensland (TEQ) to join the 39th Gold Coast Airport Marathon and of course an opportunity to experience Gold Coast like no other. As Australia's premier tourist destination, Gold Coast has over 12 million of visitor annually renowned for its best beaches, rainforests and waterways to world class theme parks, sporting venues, convention services, events and cultural activities. Trust me, there's so much to do and see in Gold Coast, but here are some of our top picks if you are an adventurer like myself!
Here we go :


Held annually, the Gold Coast Airport Marathon is Australia's premier road race and was the first marathon in the country to hold an International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Road Race Gold Label. One of the flattest, fastest and most scenic course in the world, the GCAM is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are a novice runner or an amateur fun runner, this is a run you shouldn't miss out! I'm not a runner myself, but I'm proud to say I've done and dusted my first half marathon at the beautiful GCAM, the longest distance I've run. You can read more about my experience here.

The 40th Gold Coast Airport Marathon will be held on 30 June - 1 July 2018. Save the date as registrations will be open very soon.

Website :


One of the tallest residential towers rising 230m into the sky, SkyPoint is located on Level 77 & 78 of the iconic Q1 Resort. To be honest, I have mild acrophobia and being outside on top of an eighty storey building does sound a bit scary. Nevertheless, after the briefing and great explanation by the instructor, I decided to brave my fear. 

We changed into the climbing suit and was well-guided throughout the climb with an inner hand rail and harness, hence it is completely safe.

A simple climb from the observation deck and we are greeted with the spectacular panoramic view of the scenic Gold Coast.

The view from the observation deck was awesome, but this..... it was a sight that filled me with awe. The best part is we could bring along our camera, video cam, Go Pro, handphone etc to capture the memorable moments so long they are safely secured and taped. We also have plenty of time to enjoy the view. 

With such picturesque view, Skypoint Climb definitely is the perfect escape to overcome one's fear of heights. 

Sometime between June to November is the annual migration of whales from Arctic to the Australian coastline aka 'whale watching'. This is a great opportunity for us, humans to get up close and catch a good look at the ocean giants, a mixture of humpback whale, fin whale, southern right whale and miscellaneous other whale species. 

We booked our 3 hour whale watching adventure with the Whales in Paradise, situated on Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise. Our boat departed from Cavill Avenue at around 10.30 am. The double decker boat was awesome with friendly crew providing great information and entertaining commentary throughout the tour. Complimentary coffee and tea are provided too, while snacks, other beverages and travel sickness medication are available for sale.

Did you know there are laws to protect these animals, whereby the boat shall always stay more than 100 meters  of the whales? This is due to whales are easily stressed by boats and personal watercraft, such as jet skis. We are super lucky to spot quite a few magnificent whales put on a wonderful performance right next to our boat. 
Thank you so much for the eye opening experiences, Whales in Paradise!

Dreamworld is Australia's largest theme park with over 40 rides and attraction, truly a heaven for kids and adults young at heart. There's something for everyone here! From the tallest and fastest thrill rides, to live interactive shows and unique animal attractions, Dreamworld is home to Tiger Island, The Australian Wildlife Experience, Wiggles World, Alien v Predator, The Claw and many more. 

Not forgetting, the latest addition, the Dreamworks experience featuring Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. Fret not if those thrilling rides are not your cup of tea, there are still so much to explore here.

Such as the rare opportunity to cuddle a koala.
Aww... there's no cuddle warmer than a koala's cuddle.

Or get up close with the friendly kangaroo!
We also get to feed and pet them too.

Find out how how indigenous people start a fire.

We had so much fun here! This is the best place to drain some energy off the kids, perhaps the adults too. Lol

Website :


Up for an adrenaline-pumping experience? Then you ought to check out Gold Coast's unique waterways with Paradise Jet Boating. Experience 55 minutes of "Broadway Adventure" ride with high-speed thrills and spills of jet boat rides such as sideways slides, high speed drifting, wave riding and 360 degree spins with some stunning scenery and sightseeing.

It was such a wonderful time with the entertaining and funny driver. We got wet, screamed and laughed so much, I really enjoyed the hour long ride. However, we are not allowed to bring along our personal belongings, including camera or Go Pro. A life vest is mandatory and overcoats are provided too, if you are not prepared to get wet! But hey, I have to admit, part of the fun was actually getting wet.

Website :


Take up a Stand Up Paddle Tour and start paddling like a pro in no time. :p
We took up a 2 hour of lesson with Kayak the Gold Coast which offers unique, safe and fun experiences on the water with professional guidance by highly qualified and experiences Kayak & SUP instructors, specially designed for small to medium sized groups only.

It was my first time trying SUP and the entire experience was awesome. Honestly, I never thought I could stand up paddle board!(without falling into the lake) Thank you so much for the great lessons, SUP now may just be my new favourite outdoor activity. Psst.... this is such a great exercise to work those arms and abs, I can feel it's burns. Not to mention, the SUP tour in the beautiful and serene Tallebudgera Creek were truly breathtaking.

Please note, bookings are essential!

Website :


Get up close to the rainforest!
An easy hike with wonderful sea views and a great sense of serenity throughout the park, suitable for any fitness level. It is easily accessible, within walking distance from Currumbin beach.


This is indeed the best spot for sunset photo in Gold Coast. The pic above taken at around 6pm without any editing. While you are there, don't forget to check out Elephant Rock, a spectacular rock formation on the beach, or swim or surf at the open beach.

The spectacular view from the lookout point!


Healthy people are happy people!
The team at BSKT hope to encourage healthy eating become a norm rather than just and every now and then occurrence, therefore they are keen to spread the goodness one step at a time. They even have a weekly yoga lesson which is suitable for beginners to advanced students. Healthy eating and fitness, these two key factors need to go hand in hand for a healthier you.

Bushman's Breakfast AUD21
A hearty, wholesome breakfast consists of poached free range eggs, grass fed beef patty, nitrate free bacon, field mushrooms, sweet potato bubble & squeak, roasted tomatoes, spinach and bush tomato relish.

Pink Latte AUD7
A refreshing take on latte infused with watermelon and rose.

Website :

The owner, Marie Anita James had a clear aspirations when it came to her healthy eating cafe. She believes in simple foods can be really tasty and amazing too. The extensive menu at the cafe specializing in organic and gluten free foods.

One of the best salad I've tasted!

Organic satay kale salad AUD25
Refreshing and delicious salad made with organic raisins, organic cucumber, organic seasonal salad, cashews (DF, V, Grf) and free range crispy chicken. 

Website :

Tugun Fruit & Flowers

Choc Acai Bowl AUD11.50 
A mouth-watering smoothies blend of banana, raw cacao powder & pure acai with almond milk topped with honey nut granola, cacao ribs, coconut flakes, fresh fruits and honey.

Life's simple pleasure, enjoying absolutely delectable acai bowl on the beach. Yum~~~

In a nutshell, I had the time of my life in Gold Coast with great activities and wonderful company. The beautiful Gold Coast has so much to offer, make your holiday getaway a unique and memorable one here! Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to AirAsiaX and Tourism & Events Queensland for having me. XOXO






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