Monday, July 24, 2017

Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain Viper Challenge 2017 @ The Ranch, Genting

Running uphill is tough, but running 10km uphill with 16 obstacles are even tougher.
Last Saturday, I took up the challenge to participate in the Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain, Viper Challenge held at The Ranch, Gohtong Jaya. The event, organized by Original Bootcamp was a huge success with over 5000 challengers joined in the camaraderie of the day. Runners were waved off in batches from as early as 7am onwards for the daunting challenges. It was a test of physical and mental, as we braved the various obstacles interspersed along the 10km route. But it's not only about showing one's physical prowess taking on the obstacles of the Viper Challenges, it is also about the ability to demonstrate solidarity and team spirit.

The 16 challenging obstacles we had to conquer includes Island Hopping, Fence Climb, Medball Hill Carry, Shock Therapy, Mini Walls, Tread Water, Hands on Fire, Rubber Burn, Incline Walls, Ladder Climb, Stuck in the Mud, The Peak, Up the Pipes, Wheel of Fortune, Rotating Cubes, and Diamond Cube.

The toughest of them all, the new obstacle, Wheel of Fortune, has a five-metre high structure that tests the participant's upper body strength as they have to dangle from loops to navigate their way out of it.

Another highly daunting obstacle was the Rotating Cubes that made a favourable impact on participants last year.

Up the Pipe, probably my favourite obstacle, as it was the least tough one. Lol

After all the huffing and puffing, it's time to enjoy the good food offerings from food trucks, such as Big Hug Burger, Cowboys, Babaritos and many more at the post-run carnival. That's not all, the fun atmosphere was also complemented with musical acts by Groovology, a four-piece band specializing in contemporary R&B, neo-soul and light jazz band, and Double Ace that is made up of the duo, Allan Murillon and Albert Sirimal. If you don't know yet, the duo is known for delivering gentle harmonies and acoustic numbers, covering old songs and newer hits alike.

Yay... I did it!

The Viper Challenge is truly amazing. It was tough, but so much fun. Lol
All the obstacles are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and beyond your boundaries. It is best to participate in a team as most of the challenges require teamwork, but fret not, even if you are participating alone, there will be other participants who are more than willing to lend you a helping hand to overcome the obstacles. Just don't give up and keep going!

Thank you so much Resorts World Genting for having me. I would no longer shy away from obstacle race, but in the meantime, let me build up my strength first. :p

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