Friday, July 21, 2017

My Pet Shrimp the Original Aloha Shrimp

Hey..... meet my super adorable new pets! :D
Constantly on the go and living a hectic lifestyle, life can somewhat be stressful at times! Hmm... ever heard of pet therapy? Did you know watching fish swimming around can have a calming and therapeutic effect to help you relax and reduce stress? Fish do make great pets, however, it requires lot's of care, a bit too much of hassle to raise and not easy to maintain.

Fret not! Introducing the best pet ever, the Original Aloha Shrimp Habitat a new breed of pet shrimp from aka the lazy petWhy? No need to feed, no need to change water, no filter or pump needed, Aloha Shrimp is a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature ecosystem encased in a lovely custom hand blown glass that comes with two Aloha Shrimp, algae and bacteria, each existing in perfect harmony. With proper care and right circumstances, these 1cm - 1.5cm shrimps will have an average life expectancy of eight years or as old as 20 years compared to other pet shrimp in the market. 

How it works? 
The living organisms within Aloha Shrimp utilise their resources without overpopulating or polluting their habitat, hence you never have to feed them, and it requires virtually no maintenance. Aloha Shrimp feed primarily on the micro-algae matter and bacteria, occasionally they will eat the bodies of their decayed fellow shrimp due to bacteria and algae growth, but no worries, they will never go out of their way to kill for food. 

Incredibly social and love to gather in clusters, these tiny creatures love soaking up light, frolic and play the day away. They also love places to hide and cooperate (coral sea fan, rock, coral stone, mineral balls) and use these places when it's time to mate. However, Aloha Shrimp has rather hardly nervous systems, they may suffer from shock when their habitats are constantly shaken or moved about. Their usual red bodies will turn white temporarily and require a day or two for them to regain their confidence and before their natural robust red colour gradually return.

Did we mention that there's chances they will reproduce too? Ohh yes.... :p
Here are some tips to encourage the chance of breeding baby Aloha Shrimp. Do not pick up or move the habitat unnecessarily, give them adequate artificial or natural light (but not in direct sunlight), top up the water every week with B-Water complex supplement and keep a maximum allowed numbers of Aloha Shrimp in the habitat. 


How to care : 
To ensure the Aloha Shrimp live a healthy and happy life for years to come, top up any evaporated water with Habitat Water whenever necessary and add 1-3 drops of B-Water Complex Supplement plus 1 drop of Z-Water Complex Supplement once a week to maintain the preferred balanced ecosystem for them. The growth of algae on the black sea fan coral is pretty normal as that's the algae that feeds the Aloha Shrimp. The ideal ecosystem would be branches of green and tasty goodness growing as well as a healthy sheen of brown algae on the glass. However, should the tank overflow with algae goodness and you are desperate to have it cleaned, you could send it back to for a 'Reset' as any unnecessary cleaning will disrupt the ph balance of the ecosystem. 

Each habitat was custom hand-blown, thus we could enjoy our miniature ecosystem and total movement of the Aloha Shrimp with no glass lines on the sides to distort our viewing pleasure. (only applies to Mood Habitat, Globe Habitat and Zen Habitat) Aloha Shrimp Habitat is the perfect companion to help destress and unwind. Place it on the study table, working desk or coffee tables at home with a source of indirect natural or artificial light, for these tiny little creatures will bring a smile to your face. 

Caution! Do not use accessories that have not been pre-treated and water, other than Habitat Water or B-Water Complex Supplement as this may result in sick Aloha Shrimp, or worse cases death.'s Aloha Shrimp Habitat comes with 7 Day Guarantee because within 7 days, the habitat will either thrive and continue to thrive for years to come, or cease to exist due to an unbalanced element within the ecosystem.  It is also crucial that no foreign accessories are inserted into the Aloha Shrimp Habitat.

My verdict : 
Being someone always on the go and travel pretty often (lately), Aloha Shrimp is the perfect lazy pet for me! It's been a month plus I've had Aloha Shrimp and they were completely fine. Aloha Shrimp is super adorable, easy to care for, makes a cool and educational gift for family and friends, an incredible learning tool that can provide powerful insights about life on our own planet and the natural cycle of resources. 

Aloha Shrimp Habitat price start from RM119 to RM253. For more information on Aloha Shrimp Care or Aloha Shrimp please contact 

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