Monday, April 2, 2018

Boostbalm Skin Barrier Cream Is Now Available at Parkson KLCC (Review)

Hey, lovelies!
For a flawless and long-lasting makeup, it is a MUST to prime your skin beforehand regardless of your skin type or skin colour. Applying primer before makeup also helps to smooth fine lines, blur pores and shield your skin from free radical, damaging UV and pollution. That being said, you'll definitely want to add Boostbalm's Skin Barrier Cream to your collection. Boostbalm creates a smooth surface for makeup and a barrier between the skin and your foundation, allowing your base to stay fresh and flawless. It is suitable for all skin type, can be used during the day as a primer, as well as at night to combat acne and skin brightening and firming treatment.

Boostbalm uses 3 technologies in 1 bottle is the first innovation founded by Shareezma Hanif, a 27 years old young mother of 2 kids who has passion in beauty. It all began when she won a Grant at Halal Hi-Tech Challenge, a jointly organized programme by Agensi Inovasi Malaysia, technology commercialisation platform PlaTCOM Ventures and SME Corp back in the year 2015. Her idea has 'wowed' the judges, who are experts from various industries, and became one of the eight participants to win RM500,000 grant. Shareezma then formed a team and started researching to develop a product which will benefit women of all ages and skin condition. She travelled abroad to source for the best organic raw material. After 3 years of research, Shareezma finally introduced her first innovation product, Boostbalm. In the pipeline, Shareezma is also developing her new product, Illuminator liquid correctors which will be release by April 2018.

Boostbalm amazing benefits include :
  1. Skin primer - Help makeup last longer for up to 10 hours. 
  2. Skin barrier - Create a breathable film to protect skin from further damage. Thus, any cosmetic products applied above it will only adhere to the film and not on skin. 
  3. Skin healer - Repair damaged skin whilst preventing premature aging.
Verdict :
The lightweight Boostbalm cream velvety texture absorbs easily into the skin without feeling greasy. It is the perfect base for makeup, helping it to stay put for long hours and minimises the appearance of pores, gives skin a soft and silky finish. 

Skin feels toned, poreless and ready for makeup! 

Boostbalm helps makeup adhere better to skin and won't melt or smear off, not to mention, it also noticeably reduces my T-zone oiliness.

 Left (with Boostbalm) Right (without Boostbalm)

The main ingredients of Boostbalm are :
  • Bearberry extract - Brighten dull, uneven skin and naturally lighten dark spots. 
  •  Geranium & Hibiscus extract - Rich in AHA, it acts as a natural exfoliator to smoothen skin surface.
  • Willow Bark extract - Known as a natural antiseptic with natural salicin that combats sensitive bumps and aggravated skin.

Boostbalm is well-researched in U.K. by a group of Scientists and Chemists uses only the finest quality ingredients. The technology which creates a barrier between the skins and chemicals in air/makeup products from entering the skin thus prevent clogged pores. The all natural plant-based cream have undergone one year of trial process on human before it was introduced to the market. It is sulfate-free, paraben free, cruelty-free and silicone-free to provides an overall perfection to the skin while healing your skin from chemicals effect. Boostbalm also contains Phytosan K, a stem cell technology derived and extracted from soy stem cell that helps to regenerate and relive dead skin cells while protecting your skin from UV Rays, repair damaged skin and prevent or reverse premature aging.

Usage application : 
Day use - Apply Boostbalm after cleansing and before applying makeup.
Night use - Apply Boostbalm over night after skin care routine and wake up with a smoother skin. Also can be used as a targeted treatment for acne.

After dunking her face in the water, her makeup still miraculously stayed put.

Since its inception in October 2017, Boostbalm has hit almost above RM400,000 in direct sales and has expanded its business in Dubai and London where over 100 bottles were sold during the launch in Dubai. Boostbalm will be officially available in London by May 2018.

Boostbalm is HALAL certified by Jakim and is also registered with Ministry of Health. Well received by the existing users with a series of testimonials from the satisfied users, Boostbalm is available at Parkson, Suria KLCC (for a limited time only) and via online purchase. Boost Balm Sdn Bhd also have a CSR programmed called Program Ibu Tunggal for single mothers in which they can participate to increase their income. Other than that, Boostbalm will donate 10% of companies profit to rumah anak Yatim once their sales achieve RM1 million.
Thank you for having us. It was a pleasure to meet you , Shareezma.
For more information, please log on or , email or Whatsapp Boostbalm at +6019-3215568

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