Saturday, October 27, 2018

Guardian Wellness Retreat @ Philea Resort & Spa Melaka

It was a blast with these amazing people at the first ever Guardian Malaysia's inaugural Health & Wellness retreat at Philea Resort & Spa Melaka. Surrounded by lush green forest, Philea Resort & Spa is the ideal getaway to unwind and recharge in nature, we had such a wonderful time here.

There's nothing like immersing yourself in beautiful nature.

The rustic log cabin is spacious and comfortable, completes with amenities, exudes a warm atmosphere. 

Apart from the wellness retreat, we were also introduced to new and exciting beauty brands, namely Oil Garden, an Australian organic skincare and Korea's award-winning beauty brand, April Skin.

With more than 30 years experience, Oil Garden is one of the leading aromatherapy brands in Australia, offering essential oils for therapeutic and everyday use. That being said, Oil Garden has launched their first Organic Skincare range, which comprises of a range of six organic skincare products that are pure, natural and effective, harnessing the power of essential oils. The Oil Garden Organic Certified Skincare range is free from paraben, sulphates, mineral oils, silicones, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, polyethylene glycol (PEG compounds), ethanolamine’s (DEA/MEA/TEA) GMO’s, phthalates and EDTA, suitable for all ages and even those with sensitive skin. All the products are made in Australia, using quality natural ingredients, hence you are guaranteed a premium product. 

Every bottle of Oil Garden essential oils is 100% pure and natural. 

The Oil Garden Certified Organic skincare range includes Balancing Facial Cleanser, Clarifying Facial Scrub, Rejuvenating Facial Serum, Nourishing Facial Moisturiser, Replenishing Night Cream and Soothing Hand Cream.

In the evening, we were at Encore Melaka and this was the stunning sunset that greeted us, overlooking the scenic view of the Straits of Melaka. How wonderful!

After dinner, we were treated to the Encore Melaka performance. Encore Melaka is Southeast Asia's first performing arts theatre with a 360-degree rotating audience platform facing a 240-metre long stage with multiple hydraulic stages. Directed by Wang Chaoge (the creative force behind the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony), Encore Melaka is a state-of-the-art production of Wang's retelling of Melaka's beginnings and growth through time and space. Depicted through a myriad of compelling songs and dances, featuring cultural stories that reflect a society embracing diversity and inclusiveness.

The spectacular 70 minutes long mega show recounts the long-forgotten tales, stories of the early voyagers, a legacy of Cheng Ho's diplomatic mission, indigenous settlement and cross-cultural encounters such as the Baba Nyonya. Presented in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, local dialects and Portuguese, the show reflect the harmony that exists within Melaka.

 With the amazing cast of Encore Melaka.

The next day, we started our day early with a quick morning working out with Joanna Soh, fitness You Tuber. Morning exercise not only improves your physical and mental energy, you'll also burn more calories for the rest of the day.

Yay.... workout done. Can't wait to have our breakfast! :p

After a good post-workout breakfast, it's time to try our hand on creating our own Edible Terrarium.

The terrarium made with cookie crumbs, chocolate yogurt, energy balls, peaches, cranberries and assorted nuts is not only beautiful but delicious too.

Next, beauty from true nature with Aprilskin, Korea's award-winning skincare and beauty brand available exclusively at selected Guardian stores. Founded in 2014, Aprilskin offers skincare products, along with makeup and hair products formulated with nature's good ingredients.

Aprilskin’s best-selling Perfect Magic Snow Cream (RM117.92) is an instant and lasting tone-up cream infused with 70% of Himalayan glacier milk. Unlike the usual tone-up cream, Perfect Magic Snow Cream boasts a light-as-snow texture that is great for the hot and humid weather of Malaysia. The product gives not only an instant, but also lasting tone-up effects when used regularly as part of your skincare routine. Meanwhile, the Perfect Magic Snow Cream works great as a base for the Perfect Magic Cover Fit Cushion (RM133.96). Powered by 67% ultra-hydrating water drop serum, the moisture-charge formula with glowing finish locks in make up for 24 hours.

Another personal favourite of mine, the Calendula Peel Off Pack which is fortified with real Calendula petals to help lift away blackheads, dead skin cells and debris gently to reveal a visibly smoother and radiant skin. We also get to design our own Calendula flower crown, it was super easy and lots of fun. How pretty is my flower crown? 

Apart from that, not forgetting other fun challenges such as the Power of Highfive with Nivea, Pantene Hair Flashback, Silkygirl NoMirror Musical Chair, Hada Labo Bare Face Selfie, L'oreal & Maybelline Selfie and Guessing Game with Bioessence. 

That's basically wrap up our wonderful wellness retreat at Philea Resort & Spa Melaka with Guardian Malaysia. In conjunction with Guardian 51st anniversary, Guardian is rewarding customers with special offers, including savings of 51% on a range of more than 1000 items for the month of October.

In addition, there would also be in-store Beauty Fair throughout the month, where RM30 voucher would be given out with any purchase of cosmetics and fragrance worth RM120 and above, in a single receipt. To spice up the visits to Guardian stores during the anniversary period, Guardian has lined up Instore surprises, where the first customer to spend RM51 and above in selected designated stores throughout the country, will receive a mystery gift. There will be at least one winner each day, with a total of 51 gifts awaiting lucky shoppers.  Winners will be announced every Thursday on Guardian FB. On top of these, Guardian Malaysia would be giving away a smart band health tracker worth RM99 for purchases of health care products above RM250, at selected Guardian stores.

For more information and details of the campaign and on-going promotions, please visit       

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