Thursday, October 18, 2018

Philips All-In-One Multicooker HD2145 Recipes

Love to cook but short on time? Well, the Philips All-In-One Multicooker is a handy kitchen appliance that deserves a spot in your kitchen. It is easy to use, anyone can prepare a quick and tasty meal with the Philips All-In-One Multicooker HD2145. If you're planning to invest in one, check out these delectable everyday recipes for the whole family by food enthusiasts, Chef Sidney Kan.

Beancurd with PPC 

Ingredients :
2 litre fresh soya bean milk 
1 tablespoon corn flour 
1 teaspoon Lactone (GDL) 
2 tablespoon water 

Method :
  1. Heat up the fresh soya milk in the pot using the saute mode.  
  2. Mix corn flour, Lactone and water together.  
  3. Once soya milk starts to bubble then add in the mixture.  
  4. Switch to keep warm, close the cover and leave it to set for an hour.

Steamed Chicken with Black Garlic 

Ingredients :
2 boneless whole chicken leg (chunked) 
20gm Shimeji mushroom (washed and cleaned) 
20gm earwood mushroom ( washed, cleaned and cut) 
1 bulb black garlic (peeled) 
1 tablespoon first layer soy sauce 
1 tablespoon oyster sauce 
1 teaspoon dark soy sauce 
1 tablespoon Chinese cooking wine 
1 teaspoon sesame oil 
1 tablespoon corn flour  
1 inch young ginger (thinly sliced) 
1/2 cup water Coriander leaf and spring onion for garnishing 
Aluminium foil 

Method :
  1. Marinate chicken, earwood mushroom and Shimeji mushroom with sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce and Chinese cooking wine. Set aside.  
  2. Add in the corn flour to the chicken and mix till properly coated.  
  3. Place the chicken into the steaming tray and cover with aluminium foil. Add in water into the pot. Place the stand then the steaming tray. Close the pressure cooker cover.  
  4. Set to pressure steam mode for 6KPT and start cooking. Once done, take the tray out.  
  5. Place the black garlic on the chicken. Then, garnish it with coriander leaf, spring onion and white pepper. Serve it warm.

Steamed Tofu Egg with Salmon 

Ingredients :
1 pcs fillet salmon (deskinned and sliced thick) 
1 bowl semi hard beancurd ( PPC made in advance) 
4 eggs grade AA 
1 1/2 tablespoon first layer soya sauce 
1/2 tablespoon oyster sauce 
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil white pepper, sesame seed, coriander and spring onion for garnishing
Aluminium foil

Method :
  1. Marinate the salmon with oyster sauce, 1/2 tablespoon soya sauce and sesame oil. Set aside.  
  2. Crack the eggs, add in oyster sauce and beat it up. Pour the beancurd onto the steaming tray and follow with the egg liquid.  
  3. Place the salmon slices on top. Cover the steam tray with aluminium foil to prevent moisture sip into the dish during steaming.  
  4. Put 1/2 cup water into the pot. Then place the seater follow with the steaming tray.  
  5. Close the PPC cover, set to steam mode at keep pressure steam of 10mins. Once pressure cook complete, take the steaming tray out, garnish it with the remaining soy sauce, white pepper and garnish with sesame seed, chopped coriander leaf and spring onion. Serve warm.

Korean Brown Pear Soup 

Ingredients :
1 Korean brown pear 
1/2 whole black chicken 
2gm whole black pepper 
3 pcs dried longan 
3 seedless red dates 
5 dried goji berry 
1 pcs dried orange skin  
2 litre water 

Method :
  1. Place all the ingredients into the pressure pot. 
  2. Set to beef/lamb pressure mode, change the keep temperature time KPT to 40.  
  3. Once done, serve warm.

At the recent Philips roadshow at IPC, Chef Sidney Kan demonstrated how cooking made easy with Philips All-In-One Multicooker. Just place all the ingredients into the multicooker and at the touch of a button, your meal can be ready in less than 40 minutes.

The Philips All-In-One Multicooker offers a wide range of multi-cook programs such as roast, bake, sear, saute, steam, soup and much more. The sensor touch control panel is easy to use, selecting the right button has never been easier. Not only can you delay starting the appliance, the 24 hours preset timer and auto keep warm ensure meals are hot and ready on time. On top of that, you can also select the cooking pressure to achieve your preferred texture and doneness. Furthermore, with the add ingredients function, delicate ingredients can be added at later stage whilst the sauce thickening function let you thicken sauce/soup for a more intensified flavour. How awesome is that?

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