Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Hey, lovelies! Introducing the next breakthrough in anti-aging, Clinelle AGE REVIVE, a perfect blend of nature and science to treat every sign of maturing skin for a more youthful appearance. Age Revive is packed with proven anti-agers that addresses everything from fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone, rough skin to sagging and volume loss. As the skin ages, it is important to invest in good skincare product with formulation and ingredients that effectively repair damaged skin, strengthen skin health and lastly, provide protection against environmental aggression and daily pollution. Expertly formulated with potent anti-aging ingredients, the latest Clinelle AGE REVIVE is powered with Advanced Smart Delivery System to enhance the efficacy of active ingredients and provide greater and more efficient skin penetration into the skin.

Clinelle AGE REVIVE skincare series consists of six products, ranging from Lifting Cleanser, Lifting Lotion, Lifting Eye Serum, Lifting Youth Essence, Lifting Emulsion and Lifting Cream.The latest intensive anti-aging treatment is packed with 3 key ingredients to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 50% upon 1st application. Skin is revived to a more youthful, firmer and lifted looks in minimal time. 

Spilanthes A. Flower offered enormous benefits to our skin. As our skin ages, the production of collagen reduced over time affecting the collagen network. The changes create a disorganization to the skin structure, which ultimately leads the increase in fine lines and a loss of firmness in skin. Spilanthes A. Flower Extract helps skin reorganize and support skin structure for a firmer skin, instantly* reduces fine lines and wrinkles to restore a more youthful, firmer and V shaped appearance.
Powerful combination of [8+1] plant extracts, inclusive of precious Crocus Chrysanthus Bulb Extract mimics the power of synthetic fillers to visibly delay the appearance of skin aging signs, rapidly rejuvenate skin texture, enhance firmness and promote skin radiance. Deep wrinkles become less noticeable and skin is left feeling immediately moisturized with velvety smoothness. The look of dark spots and pigmentation gradually diminishes, creating a more even skin tone.
Clinelle Age Revive is infused with potent antioxidant which protects skin damaged by pollution, environmental aging and UV rays (photoaging) from daily exposure. Coupled with double action anti-oxidant that works synergistically to protects skin from nitrogen and oxygen free radicals. Anti-Pollution and Anti UV Rays are tested and proven to have greater antioxidant effects than Resveratrol, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.
In keeping with Clinelle’s brand promise, this range of products has been proven to be safe and contains No Paraben. Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. All Clinelle products are also formulated with 7 Secrets to Happy Skin which altogether excludes potential harmful ingredients: No artificial colouring, No artificial fragrances, No lanolin, No mineral oil, No SD-alcohol, No comedogenic ingredients and No paraben. Fundamentally, all Clinelle products work effectively to free skin from rapid environmental aggressions with RX3 Action, to Repair, Refine and Reshield skin for optimized skin health and clearly visible and long term results.

Clinelle AGE REVIVE series is available at AEON Wellness / Supermarket, Caring, Guardian, Watsons & selected independent pharmacies nationwide. Kindly log on Facebook page – Clinelle or Clinelle website at www.clinelle.com to keep abreast of Clinelle’s latest news and events.

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