Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment (Review)

A good night's sleep equals good health skin. Did you know lack of sleep not only affect your physical and mental health, but it also can affect your skin's condition too? Getting enough sleep is crucial for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, however for many busy urbanites like us, life can get hectic, thus more often than not, we don't get enough sleep each night.

Fret no more! With Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, you can boost hydration and revive the radiance of your skin while you sleep for skin that looks well-rested even if you aren't. This chronopeptide and tri-enzyme treatment, sync up with the body's circadian rhythm to support skin's natural repair process and renewed skin vibrancy. The tri-enzyme formulation is made of purified red and green microalgae forming three encapsulated enzymes that provide potent antioxidant protection and detoxification to minimize signs of premature aging such as loss of elasticity, lines and wrinkles. Texture wise, the cream feels lightweight and absorbs quickly with no sticky residue. Infused with cedarwood, the soothing, earthy scent also helps to promote deep, restful sleep, resulting in healthier-looking skin the next morning.

How to use : After applying moisturiser, massage evenly over face and neck as the last step of your nighttime regimen.

Verdict : I've included this Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment to my PM skincare regimen for over a week now, in quest of better rest and better skin. It really does wonders for my skin! The treatment helps to repair and rejuvenate skin overnight for a more youthful appearance. I wake up with more radiant, plumper and healthy, glowing skin!

The Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment is priced at RM398.00(30ml). Free of paraben, sulfates, phthalates, gluten and alcohol, the Night Fix Enzyme Treatment is ideal for all skin types including sensitive. For more information, kindly log on to

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