Saturday, June 15, 2019

New Zealand Luv'Ya Ambrosia Apples With A Malaysian Twist

Sweet, juicy and crisp, the latest season of the Heartland Group's signature Ambrosia Apples are now available in Malaysia! Discovered in British Columbia, Canada and now cultivated in New Zealand, Ambrosia apples can be recognised by its trademark smooth skin with its bright iridescent pink blush tone and pleasing aroma. These delectable apples are grown in idyllic New Zealand's South Island city of Nelson, along the eastern shores of Tasman Bay. Did you know Nelson has been the centre for apple growing in New Zealand since 1913 with over 40% of all New Zealand apples being grown in the area?

Mr Hanry Chan Huan Yih, General Manager, Lifestyle & Grocery of GCH Retail and Mr Brendon Osbron, General Manager, Sales & Marketing of Heartland Fruit at the Amboi Ambrosia Apples launch event.

In conjunction with the Raya festive season, Heartland Group adds a unique Malaysian twist on their much-loved apples with the launch of 'Amboi Ambrosia' campaign. The campaign aimed at inspiring consumers to broaden their culinary horizons by showcasing the many interesting and delicious ways that Ambrosia Apples can be incorporated into classic Malaysian dishes. To kick off Amboi Ambrosia in true Malaysian fashion, Heartland Group has teamed up with iconic and world-renowned Malaysian culinary master, Chef Wan to showcase three exquisite dishes inspired by Malaysia's treasured culinary history with an Ambrosiatwist.

 Ambrosia Grilled Calamari Salad

 Tom Yum Pumpkin Soup with Ambrosia Apple

 Ambrosia Apple Chutney

All the dishes turned out amazing and were further heightened by the sweet and subtly tart apples.

Ambrosia Apples are the product of Heartland Group's patented method, Applecraft that guides the management of every step of an apple's life through rigorous integrated quality processes. This is at the core of the company's ability to deliver some of the world's best apples to customers, every time. The Heartland Group is made up of passionate pomologists (apple growers) based in Nelson, New Zealand. Together they produce a range of apples called Luv'ya apples through their unique vertically integrated structure that includes their own orchards, pack houses and marketing company allowing the company to have full control over every part of the apple's journey. Other apples in the Luv'ya range include old favourites such as Royal Gala, Fuji and Braeburn. They also grow proprietary varieties such as the sweet, tart and popular Pink Lady, sweet and tangy bright red Eve and the juicy and firm Smitten amongst other varieties.

Ambrosia Apples and other delicious apples in the Luv'ya range can be found at Giant Hypermarkets, Cold Storage and Jason's Food Hall as well as other major retailers.

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