Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SHILLS Miracle Fit Lift Beauty workshop with beauty guru Zach Lu

Last weekend, attended the Miracle-Lift workshop by SHILLS at Celebrity Fitness, Lot 10, KL. SHILLS, ANOSA and DOT.DOT is Taiwan's well known skin care and cosmetic brands. Thanks to Taiwan's popular TV variety shows, Ladies First, SHILLS has established and well known among consumers across Asia especially Malaysia and Singapore.

Introducing a definite miracle solution for every woman, Miracle Series developed high performance natural formula of slimming solution and overall holistic benefits so that every woman can have refined and silhouette body contour of her dream. Beside working out, to lose fat we still need some help from Shills miracle-lift body contour cream for firming.

We are so lucky that Shills has invited Taiwanese beauty expert guru Zach Lu to guide us on the application tips. He is also known as the 'IT Boy' and twin of the famous Korean drama "My Love From Another Star" Do Min Joo. Just imagine how cutie, pretty boy, smart looking he could be. Yeah.... let your imagination run wild as he for sure deserved it! LOL 

Resemble almost 90% Left Korean Right Taiwanese

I am super lucky, got selected to model for the firming facial demo among all the others ladies. Zach Lu cleanses my face first with toner, then apply the Shills Miracle-Lift facial lifting serum in an upwards direction and lastly put on the Shills Miracle-Lift facial firming mask. This mask can be leave on overnight and you will wake up to a small V face. 😍
Putting on the mask for me

Gotta selfie with mask on

Wow... Just look at her madly in love eyes LOL Oohh... Now is demonstrating exfoliating.
Apply Shills miracle-lift body contour control in circular and upwards motion.
Shills Anosa Fit Patch

Next up, we are introduce to some simple home exercise. Here we have Zach Lu doing the plank, some triceps workout and squat. Aww.... 😍
Another highlight of the day beside Zach Lu will be the lucky draw. Got 3 hampers from Shills and 10 hampers from MBG. 

I am so lucky that my name is called first and I got a very gorgeous Shills rose hamper.
Happy and lucky girl according to the MC. I couldn't agree more!!!Hahaha...
Here are the winners for MBG fruits basket.
A pic with him is a must.... 
Group pic with my Sanny & Grace
Fruits sponsored by MBG
Samantha is so cute enjoying her banana Lol
Working out and eating right is important for a healthier you.
Happy 'wefie' with fruits

Ending this with a very special selfie with my Do Min Joo. Please let me dream a little while, that I'm Cheong Song Yi. 💗💓❤️💕💞

For a true fit, you gotta use the right body care, workout and eat lots of fruits to detox. Thanks to Shills, MBG and Celebrity Fitness for such a memorable experiences. XOXO


  1. Elana you are the star for that day. So damn jealous of you. He massage your cheek??? Awww!!!! Do Min Jun shi!!!!! saranghaeyo!!!!

    1. No laaa... the star is ZACH LU! hehehe... I am the lucky ones only. Yeah... he demonstrate on my face! Jangan jealous. :p

  2. what a fun day that I miss out :D

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