Monday, August 4, 2014

Thai Fish Farm, Hulu Langat

Randomly suggested this place for dinner, and after half an hour of car ride finally reached the destination from KL town. This restaurant is nearby to the Ampang Look Out Point. Look out for the signage right after the Gasoline cafe and be warned that the roads leading into the restaurant is kinda rough so drive with caution. I am amazed by the surrounding, it has a big man made pond and very greenery scenery.
It could occupied up to 100 table and even have a stage where they will perform oldies love song.
Almost all table is taken, we are lucky to snap at this one table available.

Selling fresh vegetable from their farm.

This grilled counter is very hot in demand!
Check out the huge oyster.
Check out the extensive menu

From top left: Fish cake, oyster, chili clam, pandan chicken, curry crab and grilled salted tilapia fish.

Fish cake is chewy texture and has those Thai spices fragrant very nice even without dipping the chili sauce. Get only 1pcs of Australian oyster on the rock to tried out cause it cost a whooping Rm10/pcs about size L. Very fresh but I don't think the price is worthy.  

Chili clam is quite disappointing as the clam is not meaty even the taste is a let down. Pandan chicken using chicken breast resulting a more dry texture but is full of aroma and flavor, highly recommended.

Curry crab is a nothing to shout about except the Australian crab which taste exceptionally sweet, flaky and very fresh. But this Australian crab cost Rm138/kg double the price of what you could get for local/Indonesia mud crab. Now the star of the night, grilled salted tilapia fish. So the fish is grilled with it's scales on, which kinda turn me off. But upon removing off the layer of skin, ohh.... the flesh is so thick and meaty but there's slight muddy taste. Still, I enjoy it very much. My other half complained that I ordered way too much for 2 person and we end up feeling full like it's a buffet meal. LOL Still no meal is complete without desserts. 

Especially when there's mango sticky rice! It's indeed taste very authentic just like what I have in Thai. Got this white kuih too. No idea what's the name.
Night view

Looking forward to bringing my family here next round. Still have lots of dishes like tom yam, prawn and fried spinach to try out. Oh yah... Total damage for our meal is RM190++ with crab being the most expensive at RM80 for a pcs! 

Ending this with a fishy selfie 😍

  1. Restaurant Thai Fish Farm
    KM 4 Jalan Ampang - Hulu Langat, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor


  1. wah so nice the food, whats the price lke?

    1. It's slight on the high side but for the ambiance and freshness I'd say it's worth it!

  2. Wow! need to check it out. Crab sounds good!

    1. Australia's crab really taste remarkably good. A must try! :)