Thursday, August 14, 2014

XES SHOES - official footwear of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014

Hello, beautiful! A lady can never have enough of shoes. She could have all the heels, wedges, flats, pumps and much more, yet still complain of short of that pair of shoes to complete her wardrobe. Sound familiar? Haha.... 

I am all excited 😃

Nice spacious outlet 

I am so excited to be invited to this private event by XES Premium Boutique at Shah Alam. Beside a sneak peek at pretty shoes and beautiful bags, I get to meet 19 gorgeous ladies too. 

So gorgeous 😍
Busy selecting shoes for the Grand Finale

In collaboration of XES Shoes as the official footwear of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014, XES team brought the 19 finalists to the grand XES Premium Boutique that just launched it's opening in June 2014. Among the 19 finalists, one lucky girl will be crowned Miss XES Elegant and *win a contract of one year with XES to be in XES Shoes print and television advertisement campaign. XES will also provide RM1000 cash for the winner and products that consist of shoes and bags. Alongside with that, the winner also gets to make special appearance in XES events. What's most fascinating is she also will be entitled to select a pair of shoes every month within a year.* 

Short introduction of the ladies
Hawt Sabrina with the 19 ladies!
Mr Simpson Wong, the Managing Director of Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd is overwhelmed with excitement of XES Shoes becoming the official footwear of Miss Global International 2014. 

Two of my favourite finalist 

Hawt Sabrina 😘

I did enjoyed my day with XES 😎

And we get to go home with a favourite item from the shop. OMG!!! So happy!

Loving this style a lot but not the colour 😒

Then fall in love with this bling bling heels 😍

Selfie with Kelly and Sherry 

Do stay tuned for the glorious finale of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014 on 17th August 2014 at Double Tree, Hilton Hotel to know which endowed girl will be crowned as the winner. 

*Prizes, awards & benefits may be subjected to change at the discretion of the Management of Shelly's Marketing Sdn Bhd.

In the meantime, let's continue to drool over the pretty shoes and bags. Lol

XES Premium Boutique 
No 13, Jalan Juruaudit U1/37, Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Estate, Shah Alam.
Daily business hour 10am - 7pm

XES - Superior comfort for happy feet!

XES Signature - Bring out your personality!


  1. Hi Gorgeous! the red shoes look stunning!!

    1. So stylish rite? But bright RED? A bit extreme for me la.... LOL

  2. Nice shoes.... I like the red one .... huhuhu

    1. Yah, I know. We fall for the same one. I would have grab it if black available! LOL