Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hi lovelies! Thanks to TBP, last Saturday I'm treated to a hair pampering session with the latest L'Oréal Paris Power of Treatments. L'Oréal Paris, the leading treatment brand has passionately studied, observed and understood hair for more than 40 years to give women extraordinary beautiful hair. 

Keratin-Smooth 72H targets irregular fiber surface reason why lack of smoothness in hair. Lack of keratin, an essential component to keeps hair smooth contributes to this roughness. Keratin-Smooth 72H smooth hair fibre by fibre to unified along its entire length and perfectly smoothed from root to tip. It claims that hair will remain in this lustrous, salon-like smoothness for up to 3 days. 


MICRO-KERATIN TECHNOLOGY in Keratin-Smooth 72H, a new technology used by professionals consisting of two amino acids and a specific polymer. This technology acts in a precise way to smoothen the surface of each hair fibre throughout the length to restore hair's softness, fluidity and health without weighing it down. 

CAMELLIA EXTRACT, to further soften hair. Rich in oleic acids, the Camellia Extract selected by L'Oréal Laboratories for this new haircare range repairs hair with its hydrating and softening properties. Hair is not only so smooth, it is soft and lustrous at the same time. 

The event took place at The Loft Suites, Scott Garden on a Saturday evening. With no proper signage around, finding this venue caused some hiccups, but glad I managed to reach on time finally. Upon reaching, we are required to changed into a thick white bath robe. We even get treated to a mini facial, thus we are required to removed our makeup and cleanses using L'Oréal Paris products. 

Was given a form whereby we need to select our hair care priority problem. For sure, I've choosen hair fall as 1st priority! Before hair wash, my tresses are applied Extraordinary Oil to allow easier penetration of treatment later. 

Proceed for the hair wash using L'Oréal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H shampoo. The soothing smell of the shampoo is just so lovely, think it's the smell of the camellia. 

Next, L'Oréal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H 1 minute Perfecting Mask is applied and my locks is tuck into a shower cap to help the product penetrate. I can go for my mini facial now while waiting for the mask to works its magic. Started with a relaxing face massage and finishes off with an anti-aging face mask. 

Relaxing face massage

While treatment in progress....

Now we have smooth and stunning tresses, thanks to L'Oréal Paris!

We love it!!!


This hair mask works on three levels by provide softness and suppleness, intensely nourishes to aid detangling, nourishes hair fibre and sheathes hair in a perfecting veil. After application, roll hair in a warm towel or tuck into a shower cap for product penetration easily. Rinse off with cold water to make hair shinier. 


L'Oréal Paris 1st spray with Micro-Keratin Technology help boost hair and control frizz, fibre by fibre without weighing it down. Without oiliness, greasiness or heavy feel, leaving frizz-free hair even in high humidity conditions that lasts up to 3 days! 

The Keratin-Smooth 72H range also includes shampoo and conditioner at an introductory price of RM10.90 for 170ml and RM15.90 for 330ml. Formulated with new solution to achieve salon-smoothness hair for up to 72 hours.

FALL REPAIR 3X ANTI-HAIR FALL TREATMENT (RRP : RM45.90 for 6 ampoules X 8ml each) 

Hair fall must be the most common problem faced by everyone nowadays. Losing an average of 100 to 150 hair strands a day, this intensive treatment combines three powerful actives to boost hair with a triple-strengthening action to save up to 1600 hair strands per month. 

ARGININE - an essential active to nourish the hair bulb 
AMINEXIL - available for the first time in L'Oréal Paris , this reowned anti-hair fall active improves the anchoring of hair fibre to prevent hair loss 
PROTEIN - added nutrition to the fibre from hair roots for more resistant hair


Now you can skip the scissors and go for the sealer. A unique rinse-off gel, this breakthrough formula is ultra-concentrated in LAK1000, a new ingredients for Total Repair 5 that helps seal split ends. LAK1000 infiltrates hair core to help reinforce damaged hair structure from within. In one use, Total Repair 5 Split-End Sealer seals up to 6,500 split ends for lustrous hair that is healthy and beautiful.


Gold - For all hair type 
Red - For enhancing coloured hair 

Rich yet light hair oil formulated with a mix of active ingredients that consists of six floral oil extracts - lotus oil, chamomile oil, tiare flower oil, dog daisy oil, rose oil and linseed oil. Each oil with specific benefits to restore shine and vibrancy, supply nutrients and intense nourishment.

We are treated to good foods too. Yummylicious~~~

Yay.... No more frizzy hair 

Can't resist to take pic with the pretty wallpaper.

Selfie with the ladies.... Sorry I miss out Norzaila and Nurliyana! Luv u both ya. 😘

After almost 48 hours, tresses still having good hair days! 😍😍😍

Once again, thanks to L'Oréal Paris for this girly pampering session. Not forgetting TBP for the opportunity! XOXO


  1. still beautiful hair after long hours :D

  2. Waaa .. still looks good after the next day aaa ..

    1. Yes! Yes! Still so nice the curl and smooth. Good products!

  3. This treatment showed great results. You must have enjoyed the event.

  4. such a great opportunities..
    you are so lucky..

  5. the before after has an amazing difference! this is an awesome opportunity ! <3

  6. You've got such beautiful hair! The L'Oreal shampoos and conditions are always my go to ones, so I'm going to definitely check this out! Seems like an incredible event as well :) x
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  7. sounds like an awesome event! loreal do have some great hair products!

  8. Lovely photos and I love the result. I'm glad you had a great time. :)

  9. That treatment showed fast results.. Glad it worked for you! Will try it out soon!

    GIG Love

  10. That was a really fun event! Your hair looks amazing!!

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  13. What a great pampering session and I really love your hair after treatment :D

  14. The event sounds fun and I bet you girls had a lot of fun being pampered :) GIG

  15. Sounds like a good event. I have not tried any loreal hair products really apart from hair colour.

  16. wow, now this is def an event i would love to attend, i need to get pámpered!!! gig

  17. I love loreal products too for my hair!
    Im using the extraordinary oil rn and wondering if they sell the other type one which is for colored hair :(
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  18. Really a pretty dress, you are looking so cute dear! Your hairs are just superb. Well dear I have used L’Oreal shampoo in my hairs but my hair fall started badly. Now I am looking for toppik hair gain products. Do you have any suggestions?

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