Thursday, November 6, 2014


Palm Garden Hotel, Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant is located in a serene surroundings perfect especially on a breezy evening to enjoy exceptionally good Thai and Nyonya cuisine. 

Entrance of Palms Cafe

Incidentally, the restaurant's name itself "Aroi Dee' means Good Taste in Thai language and promising satisfaction for every guest that dines here with it's ala carte menu. 

Heading the kitchen is Chef Seeri a/l Din Ren with 25 years of experience working in several Thai restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore. One of his most prominent experiences is serving the Sultan of Brunei for 4 years along with other Chefs. With his diverse background and experience, Chef Seeri prepares cuisine from all areas of Thailand as well as Nyonnya and local cuisine. 

Red Tom Yam Soup (Seafood)
One of my top recommendation would be the Red Tom Yam Soup. Perfectly done with balance of sour, sweet, spice and herbs within. 

Kaw Phad Sapporat (Fried Rice with Pineapples)
Love it's colour! Delicious fried rice with generous serving of cashew nuts.
Keng Keaw Wan (Green Curry with Chicken)
Thai foods is not complete without the green curry. Spicy comforter, I truly enjoyed the creamier texture.

Kung Phad Prik Pow (Sauteed Prawns with Roasted Chillis)
Fresh prawn with fragrant of chillis but not too spicy.

Tippan Ngubak (Sizzling Beef Nyonya Style)
Beef cooked just right coupled with the bell pepper is truly satisfaction.

Enche Kabin (Nyonya Style Fried Chicken)
I love this the most, enjoying every bite of it. Crispy skin yet so moist and tender meat inside.

 Plar Neang Pek Sak (Seabass Steamed Thai Style)
Very fresh succulent and sweet seabass with slight sourish spicy, it's really appetizing.

Kaa Na Phad Kratian (Fried Hong Kong Kale with Sliced Garlic)
Fresh vege done just right. 

Water Chestnut
Extremely thick coconut milk, this is an awesome desserts to end the meal. Crunchy chestnut coupled with sweet jackfruit bites! I could not resist for second serving. 😅

Restaurant Aroi Dee Thai recently moved to a new location which is at the Palms Cafe Terrace area. Do check out the good Thai and Nyonya meal available here. 

Operating hours : 

Lunch - Daily from 12pm to 2.30pm Dinner - Daily from 6.30pm to 10.30pm (Except Sundays) 
Tel : 03-8943 2233 

*On a side note, the Courtyard which located at the centre of the Palm Garden Hotel is an al fresco garden atrium. Sporting an English concept with white furniture, garden lamps and large parasols scattered around the serene greenery. It's definitely the perfect get away for a short snack and drink in the mid afternoon or after work. 

Current on going promotion at the Courtyard are : 
Pizza with 3 types of local flavours Chicken Satay 
Thai Seafood 
Beef Rendang 

Operating hours : 
Daily from 11am till 11pm

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