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Hey gorgeous! With our current climate and heavy metal surrounding, our skins prone to aging and problematic such as skin sensitive, redness, itchy, acne, pimples, open pores, rough skin and dry skin.  All those chemical ingredients in our skin care & cosmetic stuff also contribute to easily sensitive skin.

However with esmé Clinic Platinum Purified Therapy we have saviour to purify our face. This therapy also very good for back acne, as our back reflected of our inner organ cleanliness, with more toxin out means inner has more toxin, which cause hidden acne problem.

Platinum Purified Theraphy is the basic principles of traditional Cuban theory with combination of herbal and plant extracts.

The comfy interior. Waiting area which your boyfriend or hubster can sit in and relax too.
Purification superconducting capsules 
Using high-tech quantum technology, flavonoids with ginkgo extract, with the natural whitening ingredients and full with rose whitening.
Purification superconducting capsules as a strong carrier can quickly penetrate into skin cells .The activation of cell autoantibodies, wrapped in skin cells which deposited years of lead, mercury, heavy metals coloring could rapidly discharge improve skin permeability, improve photo rejuvenationand renew skin, picking through the skin pigmentation left behind, stubborn spots and so on. Restore white and color, and enhance the skin's immune function, replenish skin moisture, anti-wrinkle shape

Cleanse and next purification. Notice how it goes from white to blackish color? Yes, it's all TOXIN!

Apple Cleanser 
Beauty Cleanser + glycolic acid-rich peptides, also known as acid peptideGlycolic acid could deploy the dead skin cells with used of jojoba scrub in order to rebuilder skin cells metabolism, 
Apple Polyphenols with aromatic soothing tension in tissue could protect the surface of the skin from free radical damage in creating of smooth, clean and beautiful complexion. 

Ohhh noo.... So black!!!

Up close view 

Collagen Essence Purification

Unique and small molecule formulation has strong ability to penetrate the dermis quickly in order to rebuilder tissue collagen and elastin.

Fiber could promote active cell secretion and lock moisture replenishment to improve between the cells and other cells.

Light Transmission line could promote skin glow, bright, white, soft and comfortable skin will get protection for long-term with enough nutrients to delay skin aging.

Purification Fountain Essence 
Rich in natural hyaluronic acid in the skin to form a protective film layer of breathable, while adding trace elements can be soothing, inhibition of skin allergies, skin soft, smooth and anti-free radicals. 

The essences are applied using lymphatic drainage massage for 10-15 minutes. 

Purifying Mask

Tremella polysaccharides
: the active ingredient for the white fungus it can form a protective film physical effect which can be enhanced skin moisturizing effects and improve the water retention capacity of the stratum corneum meanwhile, white fungus polysaccharides can effectively improve the skin condition and reduce skin epidermis desquamation.

Tremella gum mask soft, feel like yarn, three-dimensional network structure of the polymer provide full absorption of nutrient solution.

The essences of the ingredients slowly release to penetrate the skin; after removal skin felt cool and comfortable. The edible film on the skin without any side effects, coupled with excellent adsorption performance and strong moisturizing ability.
Effective beauty masks of the finest materials, the use of white fungus colloidal mask to soften the skin stratum corneum, and has a good nourishing beauty White effect and delay the effects of aging. 


My skin all glowing and moisturised.

Fairer and smoother too.

Good news!!! As the kind people at esmé Clinic are offering my readers first trials for Platinum Purified Therapy at RM208 only. (Normal Price: RM680) Just mention my name "Elana Khong" and like esmé Clinic FB. They are having packages promotion too: Buy 3 session Free 3 session.

Print out the this flyer to get RM100 rebate on all the services and packages available at esmé Clinic
esmé Clinic 
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya. 

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