Thursday, June 18, 2015

La Biosthetique's Scalp Treatment @ Andy Ho Haute Coiffure

We go for hair wash and hair treatment, but what about our scalp? Scalp treatment is important because if you want great hair, you'll need a great scalp too. Healthy scalp strengthens and supports the hair's natural life cycle, ideally balances out nutritional deficits in the hair roots and thus results in full, healthy and shiny hair.

Few weeks ago, I was introduced to LA BIOSTHETIQUE a hair care brand that offers a targeted care method for every hair and scalp situation with products that are perfectly devised synergy effect.

Frankly, it's my first encounter with La Biosthetique and it's an honour to have Mr Alexander Fuchs came all the way from Australia for a sharing session with us bloggers. 

Mr Alexander Fuchs, checking Samia's scalp condition.

Next, I get to try out La Biosthetique signature welcome relaxing massage. Instantly, I felt more relaxed after the massage. 

We are given the opportunity to experience La Biosthetique scalp treatment at one of its  exclusive salon. 

1) Begin with analysis of scalp and the results? Sensitive scalp. Oh my... 
2) Relaxing welcome massage.
3) Massage up to shoulders.
4) Scalp pre treatment.

The whole range of products they will be using. 

Wow... My scalp is all sparkling clean after the treatment. 

As usual, finish it off with some sexy curls.

Thanks La Biosthetique and Andy Ho Haute Coiffure for having me.

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