Sunday, June 21, 2015

Enchanteur Love Introduce Couple Ambassador, Md Zhafran Md Yusof & Fouziah Gous

“Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do – David Wilkerson” 

Love is in the air! It's an everlasting love date with Enchanteur at the lovely decorated Maison Francaise Restaurant. If love is the greatest refreshment in life, what and how then should everlasting love be? Unlike falling in love, which can come easy and spontaneous, staying in everlasting love is a conscious lifetime commitment and devotion from both parties.

“There can be no guarantee of everlasting love but we can certainly give it a better chance of staying enduring by taking actions; positive ones each day. A very important key to everlasting love is keeping the romance alive. While there are many ways in igniting and rekindling the spark of romance, using fragrance is one of the most effective ways. The reason for this is that smell can powerfully trigger beautiful memories and enable us to relive enchanting experiences and affect our mood, emotion and behaviour.” said Ms An Choi Yen, General Manager of Marketing, Wipro Unza (M) Sdn. Bhd.

ENCHANTEUR, the brand synonymous in inspiring romance through its collection of French inspired fine fragrances and personal care products recently re-launched ENCHANTEUR LOVE, a range of fine fragrances specially dedicated to women who are in a committed relationship. NCHANT UR LOV  which comes in three signature scents, NCHANT UR FOR V R LOV  au de Toilette, NCHANT UR C BRAT LOV  au de Toilette and NCHANT UR PASSIONAT  LOV  au de Toilette brings alive the different expressions of romance to sustaining an everlasting love.

At the event to celebrate the refreshed perfume range, ENCHANTEUR LOVE also introduced its new ambassadors, Actress & TV Host - Fouziah Gous and her husband, Md Zhafran Md Yusof. This romantic couple’s wedding proposal news became sensational when Md Zhafran Md Yusof proposed Fouziah Gous on a helicopter ride which he piloted. They later got engaged in June 2013 and subsequently married in September last year.  So romantic! :D

“Keeping romance alive can help a couple fight all odds and sustain a lifelong relationship. Small gestures are as important as grand romantic displays to keep the spark alive and ensuring love lasts. However, it’s not realistic to expect grand romantic displays as often, thus little gestures such as making him a cup of tea, saving him the last bite of dessert and spraying on perfume to catch his attention are some other ways to 
re-ignite romance in a relationship” said Fouziah Gous, the new ambassador of  ENCHANTEUR LOVE. 

Now, the enhanced product range provides a longer lasting scent with it's improved formulation. Comes in a new box designs to resemble the different expression of love, the glass bottle carries an attractive tint to further influence your mood. AMBER in NCHANT UR FOR V R LOV au de Toilette signifies everlasting love, NCHANT UR C L BRAT  LOV  au de Toilette in a hue of PINK signifies true love while NCHANT UR PASSIONAT  LOV  au de Toilette in RED symbolises intimate love.

NCHANT UR C L BRAT  LOV  au de Toilette captures the essence of celebrating love every day together. Every gesture of affection, big or small, is significant in keeping love exciting and making every moment spent together worth rejoicing. Simple gestures such as leaving a sweet note on the fridge before going to work or even whipping up a hearty meal just for two keeps the relationship and passion going.  

Starts off with an explosion of sparkling freshness of bergamot, white peach and pineapple. The heart of the composition then sparkles with sweet red peony and passion fruit which symbolizes love and excitement of being together. Warm cedar wood, golden amber and musk wraps this lovely creation that together form a base as comfortable and warm as the embrace of a lover.

NCHANT UR Passionate LOV au De Toilette is a seductive potion that ignites passion for an intimate love. The perfume is an inspiration to those who have long established their love. It draws from the most enticing and unforgettable facets of a strong committed relationship to keep passion alive. 

Evokes your senses with exhilaratingly juicy whiffs of Sicilian bergamot, wild red berries and lively pink peaches which will induce burning flames of passion in him. Mesmerizing scents of noir crystalline roses and silky violet sets in the heart, awakening his thoughts of her which has conquered his heart. The vibrancy from the blooming scents unveils his heartfelt love and fondness for her. The lingering concoction of exquisite amber and sandalwood then warms every passionate embrace, invoking intimacy with her once again.  

NCHANT UR FOR V R LOV  au de Toilette unfolds the promise of an everlasting love. It is a Fscent which celebrates every chapter in a relationship such as marriage proposal, wedding anniversaries, moving into a new house and many other momentous occasions along the journey of togetherness.  
Opens up with a lively, fruity scent of citrusy bergamot, lemon and mandarin combined with the sweetness of cassis, pineapple and apple that symbolizes the beginning of your wonderful journey of love. It then blossoms beautifully into a floral bouquet of roses, jasmine, geranium and freesia just like true love that grows deeper, while the stable comforting nuances of musk and amber completes the fragrance to signify the promise of an everlasting love. 

The NCHANT UR FOR V R LOV  au de Toilette, NCHANT UR C L BRAT  LOV  au de Toilette and NCHANT UR PASSIONAT  LOV  au de Toilette retails at RM 33.50 per bottle of 50ml Eau de Toilette inclusive of GST, available at all major outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.

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