Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Delish Lei Cha @ Simple Life, Aeon Bukit Tinggi

Hey, foodies! Are you health-conscious? At Simple Life, you can be assured of natural goodness as all the meals are natural - without artificial flavouring or colouring, additives, preservatives and most importantly No MSG (monosodium glutamate). Only healthy ingredients are used in all the dishes such as brown rice, multi grains, herbs, legumes and lots of vegetable.

‘Simple Life’ simply means a new concept of healthy food. By adopting more natural ingredients in the menu, Simple Life developed healthy recipes, without compromising its taste and aesthetic values. Do you know healthy foods does not have to be bland or raw only? Healthy food can be delectable and beneficial to our health as well. 

Simple Life's belief that ‘a healthy diet leads to healthy life’.

Organic Lui Cha
Multi-Grain Rice, Vegetables, Organic Beancurd, Peanut, Pumpkin, Sunflower seeds and Lei Cha paste.
    One of the healthful and herbaceous goodness dishes that I don't usually fancy because of it's strong minty and green taste. Surprisingly, I find the lui cha here palatable as the mint does not overpower the 'tea broth' in fact, it adds a subtle flavor that enhances the overall flavors of the dish. You should really try this! Speaking from someone who's not even a lui cha lover. :p
     Multi-Grain Rice Nasi Lemak
     Multi-Grain Rice, Pumpkin Rendang, Tempeh Rendang, Crispy Mushroom, Peanut, Fried Egg, Acar, Carrot Sambal
     Healthier version of nasi lemak cooked with extra virgin coconut oil and multi-grain rice which is not starchy at all. Pumpkin rendang is sweet and mildly spicy. I love how the anchovies are substitute with fried mushroom which is pretty addictive.
 Flavourful carrot sambal which is just as good as the usual sambal. 
Kong Poh Lions Mane Mushroom set 
Mushroom stir fried in kong poh style served with salad, acar and multi grain rice with a bowl of soup. 

  Nyonya Laksa
 Brown Rice Ramen/ Bee Hoon
 One of the dish I truly enjoyed. The nutritious cashew nut powder is used for the curry instead of coconut milk. Must try!

  Seaweed Roll
  Fresh vegetable seaweed wrapped drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise.

Fried Organic Beancurd
Mix cabbage beancurd served with Thai chilli sauce. Fried crispy, it's soft inside but taste a tad bland to me.
  Fried Lions Mane Mushroom
  This could easily pass off as 'karaage'(fried chicken). Taste pretty similar to chicken, definitely an addictive snack. Kids will definitely love this.

  Seven Colour Beans
  Mixture of 7 type of beans.
  With just the right sweetness, brown sugar are used instead of refined sugar which can cause indigestion.
 Longan Coral Seaweed
 Coral seaweed, brown sugar honey, longan, red dates, white fungus & kembang semangkuk

Melaka Nyonya Cendol
Now who doesn't love cendol? It's perfectly fine to indulge once in a while. For the best cendol, it's still the usual gula Melaka syrup and coconut milk with finely shaved ice. 

Mango Salad
What a pretty salad! You'll love the crunchy sourish sweet shredded papaya salad mixture with lots of pumpkin & sunflower seed. So flavourful drizzled with in-house made zesty lemon and mango sauce. 

Appetizing rojak with mixture of Japanese cucumber, turnip, pineapple, green apple, green mango, tomato, guava, shredded papaya and super crunchy beancurd puff. Must try!

Fruit Tea

Concoction of apple, orange, watermelon, passion fruit & pineapple.
Can never get enough of this, so refreshing and bursting with rich fruity flavour.

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian 
AEON Bukit Tinggi
No. 1, Persiaran Batu Nilam 1/KS6,
Bukit Tinggi 2, Selangor,
41200 Klang, Selangor.

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