Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An afternoon tea session with QWSTION & TACS @ Carcosa Seri Negara

Last week, I had the privilege of being invited to an afternoon high-tea session held exclusively for selected members of the media at Carcosa Seri Negara. Apart from the delectable desserts and sweets, we are introduced to two international labels Swiss luggage makers QWSTION and Japanese timepiece manufacturers TACS. Both are known for conceptualising products that emphasize functionality with unassuming aesthetics that are often timeless and stylish.  

TACS’ oriental focus is on discernment and determining interesting aspects in everyday life that eventually shapes one’s personal taste. Taste, Attractive, Creative and Sense that compose the brand’s core essence that is a connection to our contemporary lifestyle – one can find quirky elements in the shape of a fragrant soap or the lens of a film camera inspiring the TACS’ creations.  Appropriately, the Tea Time collection is a headliner in the brand’s stable and along with Hobby Time and along with Hobby Time and Fun Time, there’s something for both the minimalist and the life hacker.

QWSTION, on the other hand, is looking to bridge the gap between form and function by creating stylish storage solutions for those whose modern lifestyles demand that they are able to transition seamlessly from their commute to the boardroom. And yet, be suitable for use by both mobile corporate and creative types. QWSTION’s latest are made from organic cotton materials and feature minimal branding at price points that favours a resilient construct over bells and whistles.

The brand has applied the same minimalist philosophy and meticulous process to each hybrid products that defy categorization, occupying a niche between high fashion and functional utility. Each bag works for business as well as for leisure, using a signature canvas of natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp and linen, with vegetable-tanned leather handles that darken and weather nicely over time. Such natural materials tend to have irregularities, giving each bag its unique character.
“We feel that both brands are what modern high-flyers are looking for,” says Julianna Chai, managing director of Red Army Watches Malaysia and Dapper & Gentry. “If you’re not an individual who is concern about flaunting your wealth, and need daily tools to making your days more efficient and effective then the offerings from both brands will prove to be perfect as your ‘daily drivers’ in life."

Models showcase the pairing of QWSTION and TACS products, as part of the repertoire in one’s daily ensemble is simple due to the amicable construction of both that is often times harmonious and simplified.

As we peruse the offerings from TACS and QWSTION at close quarters, Chai adds, “Sometimes, life is simple, well-made products are the necessities that add values to our lives. They free us up to make time for our friends and family, and to allow us to pursue our passions. TACS and QWSTION are our passion because we believe in the principal behind each products made by these two exquisite brands.”

Get your TACS from : 
Red Army Watches – Pavilion KL, Tropicana City Mall, 1 Utama  
Dapper & Gentry – Gateway KLIA2
46 by Project Gibraltar – USJ 9/5P Subang Jaya  

QWSTION is available at:
Dapper & Gentry – Gateway KLIA2
Acquire – Bangsar Village 2
46 by Project Gibraltar – USJ 9/5P Subang Jaya  

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