Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 1 - Weekend Getaway with Tedmi Malaysia @ Wave Rest House & Cafe, Jeram

Sometime in Aug, I've received a message saying I've won a 2 days 1 night stay at Wave Rest House & Cafe in Jeram. Well, I don't remember participating in any contest and upon further enquiry, I have actually won it from Tedmi, a mobile app. Tedmi is an app launched in July 2015 that rewards you with freebies and discount. So awesome, right. Sound too good to be true? Download it now and experience it yourself!

Anyway, upon reaching Wave Rest House & Cafe, I was greeted by the cute mascot of Tedmi. Wave Rest House & Cafe is actually a homestay located somewhere in between Kapar and Kuala Selangor. 

Love the serene ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

All rooms are air-conditioned and comes with a King size bed. There's no television, but not too worried as you will hardly spend time in the room as there's plenty of activities in store for you.

 The Wave Rest House & Cafe was built up of the double deck container cabin.

Look, we have this cutie joining us too. 

With the awesome Tedmi's team.


Our first activity of the day is the making of wind chimes.

Yours truly and Azuki, so proud of our creations.


Next, the mangrove forest exploration. The weather has not been too kind to us as it began to rain heavily when we about to make our move to the mangrove. Still, it did not stop us from embarking the adventure in the rain.

BEFORE - I'm all prepared with my Phua Chua Kang trademark yellow boots. Various sizes of boots are provided, but please don't forget to bring a pair of socks to protect your feet from blistering.

AFTER - I was drenched in rain with mud all over. So pathetic. LOL

Our team, 'AZUKI TEAM' is the first to complete the task of finding 5 different types of shells but sadly we did not win any prize. :p


Scrumptious dinner with Chili  Flower Crab, Steamed Clams, Stir Fried Baby Shark, Seafood Soup and eggs. 

My favourite dish of the night has to be the Poached Prawn. Fresh and succulent, it was brilliant.

We then ended the night playing cards. Mind you, it's not the usual card game. Learned a new type of game 'Killer, Healer, Police & Citizen' where we are required to hide our true identity. Ohhh.. Did I forget to mention, the card is actually made of 24 Carat Gold? So special that I could not resist not to selfie with the card for remembrance. LOL

Andrew Lim, Founder of Tedmi thanks Steve Lee, owner of Wave Rest House & Cafe for sponsoring our stay.

Here is an awesome night view shot of Wave Rest House & Cafe. So this wraps up my first day in Jeram. Will share my Day 2 adventures in the next post.

Weekday - RM139.00 (Adult) RM69 (Children)
Weekend/Public Holidays- RM169.00 (Adult) RM69(Children) 
Price includes accommodation, breakfast & dinner, craft making, bicycle ride to the beach, mangrove forest tour and boat ride bird watching.
海•浪滔滔民宿(Wave Rest House & Cafe)
Jalan Bagan Sungai Janggut, Batu 15, Kampong Sungai Janggut,
45800 Jeram,

Tel : 017-716 4389 (Mr Steve Lee)
GPS :  3.173789, 101.313618

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